Springrain set from the Salvage Hut

Since upgrading Z’s salvage yard to level 3, I’ve slowly been accumulating pieces of the Springrain Transmog set. This is a transmog set solely for druids.

I ‘ve been really interested to see what this set looks like; I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and check it out on wowhead before I collected all the pieces. I finally got the last piece tonight, which was the chestpiece and it really pulled the whole set together.

Springgrain 3

 Springgrain 1 Springgrain 2


The outfit is quite nice, I’m not really sure if I like the staff with the set, the colours don’t really match that well I think. What I really love is the shoulders, the iridescent black/green/purple feathers are just beautiful.

My shaman has a level 2 trading post in her garrison so I might upgrade it to level 3 and start collecting the shaman set to see what I think of it.


6 thoughts on “Springrain set from the Salvage Hut

  1. How pretty! I’m slowly picking up the monk set, but I already knew what that looks like. I agree that the staff doesn’t quite match color wise. That said, I have to add that I absolutely -love- that staff by itself and would probably build a mog just around it.
    Congratulations on finally getting the whole thing. I think I just need legs for mine but I’ve had three or four chests and quite a few belts in the meantime. XD

    • I agree about making a set just for the staff. I got a couple of doubles as well. It actually took me a while to realise it was a sey. No idea how many pieces I disenchanted before I realized lol.

  2. It’s a very pretty set. I’m not a massive fan of the helm, but totally agree with you and adore those shoulders! And I don’t care that the staff doesn’t go 100% – it’s beautiful and very druid-y 🙂

    I didn’t realise until very recently that there were transmog pieces in the salvage yard. If I’ve been getting the pieces I’ve been selling/DE-ing them. Having said that, I did have a look at the shaman one and I’m not a huge fan. And I have absolutely no storage space for more transmog pieces (can we please have another 2 void storage tabs?!!)

    Also, silly question, but how do you get screenshots like this of your transmog?

  3. I used the Mogit addon:I used it rather than actually equipping the pieces as some were in void storage and I didn’t want to pay to get them out and out them back in and im not ready to change z’s current mog.
    Mogit is amazing for previewing/making transmog sets as you can see every piece of armor/weapons etc available and make and save sets so you can track down the pieces.

  4. I just finished this full set on my druid. The set looks great, but I especially love the weapon. Unfortunately, it totally does not match. Wish I could find a set that matched the weapon!

    • I agree, the staff is beautiful. I might try to have a play around with finding a set for it. I’m thinking the white fluffy pants might match… I can’t remember their name, bonecrusher?, bonechewer? maybe, I’ll play today.
      I posted a day later about the Springrain Stave that I collected, it matches a bit better but still not what I would consider a full match.

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