New Blood Elf Models.. Just Wow

The new blood elf models have been released on the ptr and they are absolutely stunning. I’m so glad I’m levelling my blood elf paladin as an alt now.

Current Model

Loading Screen Old Belf

New Model

Loading Screen New Belf

Up Close

new belf model up close

I’ve been playing my pally a bit lately, currently she’s 96 and has been levelling as ret. The changes they made to ret have made her really quite fun to play and it’s brought my interest in wow back which is a good thing. I have plans to re-learn how to play holy once she reaches level 100 and hopefully play her as a main alt a bit. Pallies look like they are in a really good spot at the moment; I’ve been finding the only class that can regularly outheal me on a druid is a paladin, so I’d really like to play one and just see how great they are.. oh them and a disc priest…. they still seem really op with their absorbs.

As my priest is a blood elf, I’ll probably want to be playing her a lot too when the new models come in.

4 thoughts on “New Blood Elf Models.. Just Wow

  1. The new blood elf animations and night elf animations are completely ruined though, so stiff. I will not be playingh belf or nelf untill animations are fixed. wtf was blizz thinking.

    • I do completely agree with you about night elfs. I had great plans to level up my alliance druid but I cannot stand watching her run, though in pants she looks 100% better than when she wears a dress, but overall she looks awful in the way she moves.
      I was hoping that the tweaks there were coming would fix her run style but they haven’t. As the only 3 alliance toons I have are all night elfs I won’t be levelling them soon.

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