Change of Direction

Cinder put a great post up here  (I’ve been meaning to reblog it but haven’t) about the troubles our raid team has been having in our Mythic progress. Basically the issues boils down to we haven’t been able to field a constant 20, sometimes far from it and despite some very dedicated recruiting efforts, we just haven’t been able to find enough constant raiders to ensure we have a mythic team. From the roots as a close knit 10man guild, the jump to a full 20 just hasn’t happened.

So for most of BRF we have been doing heroic farm and recruiting slowly to build up to the 20 but too slowly for some, and we’ve lost a few good raiders along the way who wanted to be progressing faster. It came to a calm guild announcement tonight that the raid team will be changing direction. From now on, heading into 6.2 and beyond the raid team will be a heroic only raid team and once heroic is cleared, a break will be taken until the next patch/expac.

I’m torn and frustrated about this change, not so much at the guild leadership itself as I can understand their difficulty. Mostly I feel like shouting at the fundamental changes that were made to raiding sizes in order to do mythic in this expac. Logically I can understand how it makes it easier to  have 1 size raid for tuning purposes but our entire problem is getting built up to 20. I know this is late in this expac to be having a rant about it, but quite frankly trying to build up to 20 for mythic from a close knit team of 10 has been a pain in the arse from when it came in and now finally the difficulty in adjusting has taken its toll. I wonder if there are stats out there somewhere about how the change is operating; are there more people raiding mythic than there were raiding heroic in previous expacs, less, the same?

I really don’t know what I will do at this point, I really like my raid team; I’ve been a part of it since July last year and some of my RL friends are in here but I do want to raid mythically and if our raid team goes it’s seperate ways it won’t feel the same.  Some thinking will be done I’m sure over the coming few weeks over what I want to do in WoW.

To finish on a slightly more positive note: I have a lovely new pet. Cinder mentioned a few of the Timeless Isle pets she was missing and I happened to have a duplicate of one of them, so I popped it in the post yesterday. I logged on today to find she had really kindly sent me a pet I was missing as a thank you. Presenting Crazy Cinder the Crazy Carrot.

Crazy Carrot Cinder

2 thoughts on “Change of Direction

  1. Ouch, that really sucks. :-/ It certainly looks like you’ll have to do some thinking. As will your team mates do as well I guess.

    For me, mythic being 20 people was kind of a relief I guess. We raided heroic in Wrath and Cata, but never got to that point in MOP; we just weren’t good enough any longer. With us progressing still in heroic now (2 bosses to go), I see mythic as out of the question, and with it being 20people, while we’re 13, it’s kind of a relief that it’s not even an option.

    Anyway, enough about me. Good luck to you, whatever you decide! Be it staying with friends and do easy content, or take a chance on something new.

    • Thanks 🙂 I think I’ve decided that this side of 6.2 I’ll stay with the reduced schedule and lack of progression and spend the time working on the achs I’ve been putting off but that I want to do before 6.2 and then we’ll see.. 🙂

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