List of Pets to level

I’ve decided it’s time to get around to completing an Awfully Big Adventure, carrying my Elekk Plushie through a fairly large list of pet battles. I’m going to follow Murloc Harbor’s excellent guide and that means I have a few pets I need to upgrade/level.

Flayer Youngling S/S 17, Green

Crow S/S


Tiny Snowman

Tiny Sporebat

Kirin-Tor Familiar

Magical Crawdad

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot

P/P Yellow Moth

Death Adder Hatchling

S/S Grasslands Cottontail

Luckily with being able to buy rarity upgrade stones from the Garrison vendor means it won’t take too long to get the ones that aren’t blue upgraded and then it’s a ton of pet battles to level them up to 25 which will count towards getting the pet battle momument in my garrison – double win.

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