Trialling with a new guild

The move to a heroic only raiding guild has been on my mind a lot the last few days. I kept wavering between wanting to test my feet out in mythic progression and not wanting to leave my guildmates. I’ve been browsing the Barthilas forums a bit and while there were heaps of guilds looking for members most raided 3 or more nights a week, I really like the 2 nights a week I’ve got used to in Deadline so that narrowed down my choices considerably. There was only one guild that seemed suitable that raided 2 nights a week but they didn’t mention specifically if they wanted a healer so before I could chicken out r, I sent a bnet request to the person who posted the ad so I could ask them if they wanted a tree healer. When I jumped on wow a bit later, they had accepted my request so I thought I better talk to them and say why I added them. They weren’t overly looking for restoration druid seeing they had 3 druids in the raid already but were happy to try me out tonight especially as they only had 18 and I’d bring them to 19 and we’d be able to do mythic rather than the heroic clear they had planned.

It was actually a pretty hard decision to make jumping into their raid rather than the heroic farm that was planned with my guild. Even though I know that heroic is as far as they want to go and I think I would like to push more progression, not actually raiding with them after a year of raiding was really hard. At the end of the night I was 2 mythic bosses up (Oregorger and Darmac) and had a few good attempts on Hans/Franz which was a progression  boss for them too.

M Hans & Franz

I thought I did horribly on the evil duo, I hadn’t looked at that fight beforehand and triggered a few plates in the wrong order but apparently I went ok enough for them to ask me to join the guild, excess druids and all

It’s actually a really strange feeling, I’m excited to be able to start mythic raiding but really sad I’m not doing it with the people I really wanted to. I was hoping to level up an alt to keep raiding with Deadline but the new guild raids the same nights. I know it’s also really early days and being accepted as a trial does not mean a guaranteed spot but feeling torn over what is the best thing to do really sucks at the moment. In my whole time playing wow so far, my Deadline guild feels like home the most, so to take Z out of it is uber difficult. I’m going to doubly miss the tight knit healing group we had, though I just found out our Monk Esu, is going to trial with another guild tomorrow too.  It’s funny after the news of going heroic only, a number of people left the guild almost straight away; wonder if they did any navel gazing and soul searching or I’m just a little odd. Well I’ve spent a really good chunk of time playing D3 with my guild over the past month or so and now a lot of them are trying out Rift, I’ll have to make a Zeirah toon on Rift and go play there if I’m not raiding with them in wow.

Enough sooking.. I’ll leave you with a picture of Z’s new transmog (if you got this far). Doesn’t she look fabulous? I’ve been wanting to use the Springrain shoulders for a while now and while not a perfect colour match, I think they do pretty ok.

 Springgrain shoulders xmog


2 thoughts on “Trialling with a new guild

  1. I went thru a similar thing back in Mists. Decided to leave my guild which had been my first and only home since first stepping in Azeroth, to go raid with a more active guild. At first it felt strange and out of place, but slowly those go away.

    Best of luck with this new adventure!!

    • Thank you 🙂 This isn’t my first move to a new guild but certainly the hardest one. Good to know I’m not completely odd for feeling a bit strange and out of place like you mentioned 🙂

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