Flying (or lack of) in WoW 6.2 and beyond

The announcement that flying is unlikely to come to Draenor and actually might be not reintroduced in future expansions has  seen a lot of outcry. There is a fair bit of opposition to this move; some of the responses on the forum go as far as threats to unsub or for players todo nothing but sit in their garrison.

Some of the responses are a bit over the top and do make me think that maybe if they are going to react that way, perhaps the game might be just that little better off without them. This post just had me shaking my head… “My guild is happier when I don’t go outside my garrison “because every time I do, I end up frustrated – and then I make the experience worse for all of my guild members when I complain about my poor experiences.” Seriously, if I was in a guild with this person, I’d be crossing my fingers the lack of flying would make them leave and never come back.

However, despite the over the top reactions which do little to create valid feedback as to why flying should come back, I do have some regret about the possible lack of flying in this and future content. Call it lazy or whatever but I do know that I haven’t been out and about anywhere near as much this expansion as I was in MoP and while It won’t be a factor to quit the game entirely, the lack of flying, with the way the world is now, definitely does affect my enjoyment of the game in a way. Mainly because getting around the place can end up taking longer than the time I actually spend at my destination and while this might promote “exploring” if my destination is more important than my journey I’m going to want to be there as fast as possible.

Aviana's Feather

Aviana’s Feather, a neccesity for me for getting around places in a hurry

So if flying is going to be removed here are some of my suggestions:

Increase the amount of flight paths available especially near popular attractions such as pet tamers. Blizz could even dot them around the place and give ach’s for finding all the flight paths in a zone. I’d be more interested in seeking out all the flight paths if I was going to get a nice ach for it. Maybe even a title to go with it similar to the loremaster title ” Zeirah, finder of the flight” could work for me.

Make it easier to get to the zones, so allocate a main hub in each zone and pop a portal in there. In WoD this would have been simple to do as you had to choose a garrison outpost; this would be the logical place to place a portal and then exploring could occur from that point.

If the whole point of removing flying is to promote exploring maybe allow flying for an account only once that account has been flagged to have a max level character.  I know what I’m like with alts and once I’ve explored/quested/whatever my first toon to max level the majority of those that come along behind take shortcuts wherever they can and wouldn’t be exploring or taking part in the jumping puzzles anyway, flying or no flying.

And also something that should be an option is to seriously reduce the price of flying mounts in the pet store; while they are still usable in the older content, if flying is removed they will become less relevant and useable in current and future patches so why should flying mounts cost as much as a ground mount that can be usable in both old and new zones.




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