Edge of Reality found

Rather fittingly after yesterday’s post about flying and exploration, I had a really lucky find while out and about in Grogond finishing off some exploration achievements. I was running along and thought I’d jump up some of the small pools you can find in the hills in Gorgond and at the very top of a small set I saw a purple misty column. It was clickable and gave me the message that I was queued for scenarios. My immediate thought was that Blizz had sneakily hidden scenarios in the game and I was quite excited to find one. When the loading screen finished, this was what I found.

  Edge of reality

The location I was at was called the Edge of Reality and there was a pretty huge suprise in in there. Clicking on the egg on the floor gave me a really lovely mount.

Edge of reality 2

The Edge of Reality is a portal that spawns at random places thoughout the zones and only lasts for a very short time, 3 mins. If not clicked in that time it despawns again. Only the first person clicking on the portal can go through and loot the egg.

I didn’t even know this mount existed in the game so I consider myself incredibly lucky that I was out and about in the right place at the right time. I wonder what else might be hiding in the world I’m not aware of. Things like this make me realise why Blizz keep on about how they want to be able to design a world conductive to hidden surprises, puzzles and exploration.

Edge of reality 1


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