Goblin Hideaway Nagrand

After finding the clumsy adventurer in Nagrand yesterday while out and about doing stables dailies, my Shammy found more hidden things in Nagrand (ok, well maybe not really hidden, just things I’ve overlooked every other time I’ve been there).

Nagrand goblin beach

It would have been amazing if that pool pony was clickable and she could have bobbed around in it for a bit.


6 thoughts on “Goblin Hideaway Nagrand

  1. I’ve enjoyed finding things like that poor clumsy fellow in Nagrand. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the picnic at the pond. I agree that having the pool pony be clickable, to float around on, would be fun! I’ve wanted a Pool Pony toy ever since the first time I played through the Goblin starting zones. 😀

    • Goblins get the coolest things. I love that at least we got goblinesque pillows for Christmas. Maybe the pool ponies will come in time, fingers crossed.

      • I did enjoy the goblin lounge pillows last Christmas — not that I’ve ever actually placed them around my Garrison, though. I have a sad tendency to forget about most of the stuff in my Toybox… 😛

        • To be honest, I tend to forget too :). It would actually be pretty cool if we could take the items that can be placed, like the pillows, totems, some of the archeology solves etc, and put them in our garrison similar to how the archeology treasure room works.

  2. I’ve not seen that before! Looks like a lovely spot to laze about 🙂
    Last night I found a Trampled Adventurer which made me think of you. I should have taken a screen shot of the poor fella – lots of blood. lol

    • Ooh no, where did you find him? I’d like to go see him.
      Hmm a trampled adventurer and a clumsy adventurer. I wonder how many more adventurers have met a grisly end? I see a hunt and a blog post coming up 🙂

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