Garrison Buildings: a 6 month review

Back in November I posted a list of what buildings I  thought Z needed at the time. Now that I’m now 6 months in and right before we’re about to get some changes to our garrisons (ships ahoy!), I thought I’d review what buildings I’m running now.

Then- November 2014

Small, Enchanting, Inscription, Alchemy

Medium – Lumber Mill, Tavern

Large –War Mill, Barracks

Now  – May 2015


  • Jewelcrafting. I have Olin permanently working so I can do his daily quest. The reward is usually around the 250g mark. I don’t do every daily as some have a large mat requirement, usually a lot of blackrock ore for a crafted. But 250g for handing over 20 true iron or a small gem is always a nice perk.
  • Storage Hut – This is purely for convenience as I like being able to access my bank, guild bank, transmog and void storage without having to port back to the Shrine.
  • The Forge – I only just put this in last week in place of the Salvage Hut. I rerolled the traits on Fen, the follower you pick up in Warspear and he popped up with Blacksmithing. The perk you get with having a follower assigned to the Forge is no loss of durability on your gear for 4 hours (removed on death) and firey elementals can proc and help you out in combat. The no loss of durability is mostly what I took this for.


  • Tavern. I’m still using this to recruit followers every week. I almost have as many deactivated as I have activated but I like being able to tailor their traits/abilities. At the moment though I have 20 treasure hunters active and a number deactivated. And it’s really fun being able to chose what followers I’m getting. At the moment there’s no specific theme going on though I do take a lot of Blood Elves.
  • Trading Post – I opened this up to be able to access the Laughing Skull repuation for the pets that come when increased rep with them. My rep is still really low though as I haven’t been killing the right mobs. Now I realised I can buy the Apexis Crystal missions I’ll take my bodyguard up to Everbloom Wilds and kills mobs up there to work on 2 reps at once.


  • War Mill – still for the free seal every week
  • Barracks – for the ability to assign bodyguards and to have 25 followers instead of 20. I’ve just maxed Leo out for the Wingman achievement and despite the convenience of accessing his mission table out and about in the world, I’ve just put Vivianne in his place as there is an ach for becoming best buddies with all the bodyguards. I’ll have to see if this can be done across multiple toons and then I can give a different bodyguard to each alt when they get high enough to unlock a lvl 2 barracks (not anytime soon).

Has your garrison choices changed over time?


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