A good book, a good meal and a few wines, Wow Style

I’ve been on a quite an achievement hunting kick lately, working my way through both new and old content is really quite satisfying. Finishing off the Cataclysm raider gave me Drake of the East Wind

Drake of the East Wind

With that done I realised I had only 3 achievements to go to fill up the general tab;Well Read, Cataclysmically Delicious and Drown your Sorrows. I had been putting these off as all three required a fair bit of travel time to complete but I figured it was about time I stopped procrastinating.

I had started Well Read on my mage back when she was my alliance main so I had all the from the capital cities  already collected which meant I didn’t have to sneak into Stormwind now she’s a Horde toon. Even so I had a couple of really close escapes in Elwynn Forest and Thrallmar as the guards have all upgraded to level 100 now and my squishy mage is still only 91. Greater Invis, Blink and Ice Barrier were absolute necessities at a few points.

Well Read

The books are absolutely fabulous to read as there is a ton of lore packed into those tomes. I went through them zone by zone so not all the stories were in order but it was easy enough to piece the lore together. I wish there were a few more random books of lore put into the game to come across.

Drown your sorrows was easy enough as there were only 2 drinks I was missing and both could be bought from vendors.

Drown Your Sorrows

Cataclysmically delicious was a bit more time-consuming. My mage had a lot of foods she hadn’t tried back in Cata. Luckily I was able to buy quite a few foods from vendors around the different cata zones and I could  farm a few of the meals/mats off the auction house but  there was a bit of fishing here and there to be done. I think if there is another food related achievement to do, I’ll actually do it in that expansion when the items are a bit easier to get my hands on.

Cataclysmically Delicious

Buying up the recipes for the food to cook also gave me the  achievements for cooking 30 different cata recipies and  knowing 200 recipes. Next recipe one up is  knowing 240, so once my mage picks up Warlords cooking that will be a few more towards that ach.


2 thoughts on “A good book, a good meal and a few wines, Wow Style

    • Thanks 🙂 I have this lurking idea in the back of my head that one day I want every single ach completed, then I look at my summary and realise how far from that I am (esp pvp). One at a time I guess 🙂

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