Heros of the Storm and a free mount for your toons

I’ve been playing Heros of the Storm on and off since it first went onto beta. It’s the first Moba style game I’ve played.. in case you’re wondering (I was), a moba is…

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), also known as action real-time strategy (ARTS), originated as a subgenre of the real-time strategy (RTS) genre of video games, in which a player controls a single character in one of two teams. Wikipedia.

Basically it’s a team of 4-5 players (you can play with real ppl or AI players which is good if you don’t feel like interacting) against another team (AI or real) and you play across a map with the ultimate aim of destroying the other team’s towers which are protecting a larger tower called a Core before they destroy yours. First team to fully destroy the other’s Core wins the game. There are objectives to complete along the way that can help your team destroy the others and there are little minions that spawn for each team that can help attack and hold up the other side as you try to win.

Screenshot2015-05-31 12_18_35
Attacking the Core
In Heros, the characters you can choose to play as are drawn from across the Blizzard universe, so in a single match you can find Wow, Starcraft and Diablo characters. The best thing is some of the characters can interact with each other and have a little conversation at the start of the game depending on which characters people have chosen. So far I’ve heard Muradin Bronzebeard tell Arthas to keep that sword (Frostmourne) away from him and Arthas replied telling Muradin to stay out of his way (in wow when Arthas claimed Frostmourne, Muradin was injured and lost his memory). The other interaction I’ve heard is Raynor asking Nova to not shoot him again but I missed the rest of the conversation and as I’m don’t know any  Starcarft lore I’m not sure what was going on there.
The heros rotate each week so you can try out different characters regularly and if you really like a toon you can buy them (either with real money or the in-game gold you can earn through quests or winning matches), so you  can access them all the time not just the week they are open. I’ve played my way across quite a  few toons but my favourites are:

Li Li, Malfurion and Falstad.

The toon I haven’t played with but really want to try, mostly because of how awesome she looks is Sylvanas.


Seriously awesome looking. I wonder if she and Arthas have any interaction if they are in a match together. She’s currently 10k gold to buy (not sure how much in real money), I have enough to buy her but I’m holding off until she comes free to play just to try her out. I would hate to spend my in-game gold on a toon I didn’t actually like to play once I try her.

The game goes live today, I’m not sure what time due to the time difference between here (Aus) and the game headquarters (US) but as there won’t be any more wipes the integration from beta to live should be seemless and no progress should be lost.

As a perk of it going live Blizzard has a little facebook game set up and you can take part and get a free mount for your Hero to ride around on. I didn’t know about this, so a big thanks to Cinder for posting about it or I might never had known. Basically you like the Heros facebook page and play a quick game building a team of 5 of your facebook friends and assigning traits to your team. Then, based on the traits you pick you and your friends are matched to the Heros toon that most resemble you. The traits I took for myself were Chatterbox and Likes to Explore and I was matched up with Zeratul; a Starcraft npc I know nothing about but apparently it’s a chatty exploring type.

HoTS FB Mount

Malfurion on his new Mechanospider mount.

There’s also a pet in the pet journal, Graves,  that comes from reaching level 20 in Heros of the Storm, so I’m really hoping this little guy will turn up in the mail when the game goes live.

It’s a free to play game and there’s no real reason to spend real money on the game to be able to play it so if you’ve been thinking about it, definitely give it a try, the matches are relatively fast and watching and listening to the different characters is really entertaining.


4 thoughts on “Heros of the Storm and a free mount for your toons

    • Ooh a recommendation for her. Maybe I should just get her now…. no I will keep my resolve and wait for her.
      I see she’s not up this week though so if she’s not there next week there may be a “Look I got Sylvanas” post 😀

  1. I ended up playing a game last night because once I’d done the facebook thing I wanted to see the mount in game. It wasn’t there. So I was just browsing around the store and what not and I don’t know what came over me, but I ended up buying the starter pack (it was reduced to only $6.50! I couldn’t refuse!) I didn’t realise it wasn’t live yet, so I actually ended up getting that extra little pet for “testing the store”, which was super awesome. The Spider mount wasn’t there yet but the new billy one was, so I figured that I’d just go play a quick game by myself to ride around on him for a bit. Stupid me ended up in a game with other people… we did alright, but weirdly none of us spoke. No-one was doing objectives… it was all a bit awkward really. And then when we won, everyone went gg and left. I had to laugh. By the time the game was done my new mechanospider was there, but it was time to go so I haven’t tested him out yet.
    I’m pretty keen to get the Graves pet though. Apparently he’s got some really great stats, so I’ll have to give it a go. Apparently you also get a mount in HotS for getting to 100 in WoW – maybe that will be there tonight?
    Sorry for the ramble, just thought I’d share my story 🙂

    • I bought the starter pack last weekend, partly for the exp boost (I had it in my head you had to be 20 before beta ended for graves) and partly for the supercute unicorn 🙂
      I’ve got the direwolf for getting to 100 in wow but I didn’t notice the Billy, he’s probably there though.
      I’ve been doing q few quick matches with Stouts and Esu, we seem to have better luck with more of us in a group. Let me know next time you want to play and I’ll come with 🙂

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