I’ve been waiting rather impatiently all day for Graves to find his way to me, I do love getting new pets!

I had checked on Heros before I went to work this morning and when I came home but there was no notification of Graves’ arrival either time. Then tonight after raid, I logged back into Heros and there was a notification that I had received Graves as a reward for reaching level 20.

I logged back into wow but Graves still wasn’t showing up, but after I closed and restarted the launcher and wow I had mail from Breanni letting me know this little guy was found in Duskwood Cemetary and was looking for a home.

Graves 2

(He’s under the effect of size-increasing biscuits)

Graves 1  Graves

Shown next to a Goblin for actual size

He is actually really quite cute.  New pets are always exciting. I can’t wait to level him up and see what his abilities are like.




4 thoughts on “Graves

  1. Strangely I ended up with two .. one in my bags and one in the mailbox .. unfortunately you can only learn one, and they’re not tradeable 😦

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