Mount Parade – just sneaking over the line

My Shaman finally got around to taming the 6 mounts that come from the garrison stables, and then by doing the extra stables achievements she gained another 2 mounts. The extra 8 mounts meant that  Z was sitting pretty close to the 200 mounts achievement which gives the  Armored Red Dragonhawk as a reward. Luckily with a bit  of flying around all the quartermasters I’m exalted with  and spending gold I normally wouldn’t  (yay for treasurehunter minions) I was able to just sneak over the line and Z got her achievement and a new mount.

Extra Mounts I rounded up

  1. Creeping Carpet – Tailoring (knew I was hoarding the cloth for a reason)
  2. Crimson Primal Direhorn – exalted with Sunreaver Onslaught
  3. Golden Cloud Serpent – exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent
  4. Amber Scorpion – exalted with the Kalaxxi
  5. Blonde Riding Yak – Uncle Bigpocket Kun-lai Summit
  6. Golden Riding Crane – exalted with Golden Lotus
  7. Dark Phoenix – Guild Vendor
  8. Thundering Cloud Serpent – Guild Vendor
  9. Swift Forest Strider – Darkmoon Faire (seriously lucky it was a.  Darkmoon faire week and b. my monk had 155 tokens so a couple of days of dailies tipped her over the line)
  10. Swift Red Hawkstrider – Icecrown Tournament
  11. Tan Riding Camel – Exalted with Ramakahen
  12. Swift Purple Raptor –  Icecrown Tournament
  13. Swift Burgundy Wolf – Icecrown Tournament

When Z was showing 199/200, buying up the final mount didn’t give the achievement. Even logging in and out wouldn’t trigger the ach to pop  so I decided to be a little sneaky and try to tip the ach over by changing toons and logging onto my Paladin, hoping her extra 2 mounts might tip it over or at least force the game to realise I had bought enough mounts to qualify.. and it did.

Mount Parade

armored red dragonhawk1 armored red dragonhawk

Not really sure how they came up with “red” dragonhawk given it’s distinctly blue colour scheme but I won’t be looking a gift mount in the mouth.

Now to get the next 249 for the Felfire Hawk I’m going to have to rely on drops and maybe the last few professions mounts I haven’t made (Jewelcrafting x 4 and Engineering x 2). I think it’ll be quite a while before I see 250 mounts in my stables.


2 thoughts on “Mount Parade – just sneaking over the line

  1. Congrats on your mount and achieve! I was one mount short when I stopped playing. Didn’t quite make it. Mount hunting was always one of my favorite ways to spend time in game. It’s one of the main reasons I ended up with so many alts once account wide mounts were added to increase my chances. I’m sure if I ever get the time to come back that will be how I’ll spend all my time. It sounds like it’s gotten easier with the older raids getting even easier to solo now.

    I didn’t even realize you were still posting as my feed reader had the correct website, but had apparently never updated the feed after the name change. It went dark in January sometime even though that was long after the name change. Glad to see you are still enjoying yourself.

    • Much easier now, even running through ICC is no time at all.
      Yep I levelled so many alts just to kill Attumen in Karazhan for Midnight’s reins.
      The redirect I had in place expired around January so that explains the lack of posting.
      I did take a bit of blogging break but definately still playing 🙂

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