Making Buddies

After getting Leo to Wingman status I decided why stop there? I may as well make friends with the rest of the bodyguards for the achievement Wingmen (getting max rep with all the 5 bodyguards). Z already has Leorajh, so the next in line was Vivianne.

Since Z is still running around Everbloom Wilds daily for Laughing Skull Rep I’m killing two birds with one stone by getting rep with the bodyguards as well. Vivianne was a lot faster to get to max level, having a week of extra reputation from the darkmoon carousal really helped. As luck would have it once she hit max rep she offered a quest  to get her ability (yay portal to garrison) and the quest mob I needed happened to be right next to where we were killing mobs so it was a nice and fast quest.


But as soon as we got all friendly I swapped her out for Aeda.


She is seriously pretty with her green warlock wings. The downside to her is that she tends to want to tank all the mobs and boy is she squishy.  Leo and Vivianne rarely got hurt and usually a quick rejuv was all that was needed,  but Aeda requires my constant attention so far. Hopefully I get rep with her quick and can move on. Quite a high maintenance friend.

 Aeda 1

They won’t fear you if you’re dead Aeda….

I also decided to get Z moving on those older reps so she’s been flitting around the world buddying up to the various factions. The Frenzyheart tribe up in Scholazar Basin are hiding a toy behind their quartermaster so I’ve set my hearthstone there (with the garrison hearth and portal to Ashran in the garrison I love having  another port around the place) and have been popping up doing dailies there; I think it’s about 12 days from Revered to Exalted if I  do them every day.

I managed to get Z from 27 to 31 reps quite quickly (still a long way to 50 though). Questing and running a couple of dungeons in Borean Tundra and Dragonblight gave me exalted with The hand of Vengeance, Warsong Offensive and Tanuka which was a surprise as I didn’t realise I was that close to all 3. I also was able to get Tranquillian rep up really fast as all you have to do is all the Ghostlands quests and at 100 it’s very fast.The best thing about Ghostlands quests is it has my favourite quest in the game where you return a locket to Sylvanas from her sister Alleria. Once Sylvanas gets the locket she summons banshees to sing the Lament of the Highborne. Even though I have the toy now that summons the banshees (still can’t thank Thor and Cinder enough for the best gift ever!) to sing on demand it was still great to see it.

I found that wearing a tabard from Darkspear Trolls in Warlords dgns was giving 24 rep per kill as opposed to 3 rep per kill in Vanilla dgns so I might have Z running a few more of them. I also have quite a few cata achs to go so I’ve been working on them with a Dragonmaw Clan tabard on for extra rep. I’m starting to realised how much Horde lore I have missed by not questing through older zones as Horde (90% of my horde toons were xfered from Ally at 90). I started doing a few of the Twilight Highlands quests and up pops Garona quite early into the zone. Garona TH

I’ll be interested to see her story unfold as prior to seeing her in the legendary quests I only really knew of her from reading about her, not actually seeing her toon out and about in the world.

So at the moment chasing achievements and questing for rep is keeping Z quite busy in the game and none of my alts have had a look in, apart from me checking their garrison missions for gold. It’s going to be nerfed in 6.2 so I’m utilising all their treasure hunters as much as I can at the moment.


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