A little name change

Ever since I named my druid Zeirah, I’ve had a bit of trouble with how I imagine her name is pronounced and how her name actually gets pronounced. Back when I started playing, my mage was called Zira (zera in my head, not zyra) and when I made my druid my new main I wanted to name change her to something that would sound like Zira and I came up with the combination of Zeirah.

In my head this has always been pronounced as Zeer-a but to the rest of the world, not so much. Most of the time she would get either Zy-ra or Zee -air – ah. To be honest, I can’t really blame people as to how they think it should be said.  I know sometimes I have no idea if I’m pronouncing a person’s toon correctly or not and it tends to worry me more than it should if I’m garbling their name.

Anyway most of the time, speaking up and telling people how my toons name should be pronounced would fix the problem, and of course I go by Zee to most of my old guildies so it never was a problem how they pronounced it. But switching guilds,  and listening to how my new guildies call out on my name across mumble,  just highlighted how what I hear in my head and what my toon’s name comes across as, is fairly different.

So long story short, I gave Z a slight spelling name change this morning.


Now lets hope that the spelling of this name means it should/will get pronounced as Zee-ra (I ran it past Cinderstorm and my bf to check what they thought it should be an both agreed with how I hear her name in my head) and as always, it’s Zee for short 🙂

The big pain with a name change though is all my addons didn’t recognise Z’s settings. Even though I copied and pasted her old WTF file over the new one, I’m still going to have to reset most things up. Luckily all my toons use the same profile for Eluvi and Vuhdo but looks like I’ve lost all my Tellmewhens. Maybe it’s time for a UI clean up anyway. **Edit  – oh I haven’t lost any tellmewhens, it saved a copy of Zeirah’s profile as well. Still needs a clean up though.


2 thoughts on “A little name change

    • 🙂 I like that the name change isn’t confusing but its taking a bit to get used to the way its spelt now. Odd as it might sound I liked the way zeirah looked.

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