Hellfire Citadel

This raid looks like it will be pretty awesome; I was well and truly sick of the sight of Blackrock Foundry so a change is always a good thing and the fights I’ve seen so far are pretty varied. A couple of mechanics so far remind me a fair bit of Seige of Orgrimmar though the fights themselves are quite different.

At the start of 6.2 I changed guilds back to Deadline.  As I posted about before, they had decided that heroic was the only difficulty they would do and I  had pulled Z out to keep going with mythic progression and Cinder joined the same guild so it was nice to be still raiding with her; we’ve been raiding on and off together since Terrace of the Four Springs. It was great to be progressing again and though the new guild was  quite nice there just wasn’t the vibe that I had with my friends in Deadline. I missed the players enough that  once everyone starting logging back on in preparation for 6.2 I realised I wasn’t going to be happy knowing they were raiding and I wasn’t a part of it.  I told Cinder I was feeling really torn as I loved the progression but I missed our friends and surprisingly she said she had the same thoughts so we both said goodbye to Twisted and rejoined Deadline. I felt a little guilty for leaving Twisted so shortly after joining them but it looked like there was an excess of healers and as the only mythic upgrades I had won were through personal bonus rolls I didn’t feel as though I had grabbed their loot and left.  Toco, the Shaman I healed with is still really friendly and I was chatting to him while  watching his stream of Archimonde the other night, so they are going great.

Hanging out with my friends again is awesome, we’re not progressing as fast as I would have if I stayed but how I feel about being back with friends more that makes up for that. Being involved in guild chat with all our in-jokes and teasing as well as running around Tanaan in a guild group is fantastic, I am glad I’m not missing that. There’s been a bit of chatter about a Sydney meet up for our next guild meet.. hopefully we’ll all be together still in a years time.   I think if Deadline continues to only be a heroic only guild once Archimonde is defeated, I’ll look for mythic pugging progression rather than pull Z out completely.

We’ve just been concentrating on normal for the first couple of times in there as  a few people decided to have a main change and they need a bit of gear for catchup. Our boomy Neuro went to his hunter and my bf changed from Holy Pally to Feral Druid offspecced as Resto Druid (it feels a little odd when he heals as it’s the first time we’ve ever healed on the same class at the same time) and our Monk tank Thor  went to a dps warrior so while it’s all the same people, it’s quite a different raid composition.

So far the fights are quite varied, we’ve cleared the first 6 in there and I can’t decide which is my favourite fight so far. I really like Gorefiend, as getting sucked into his belly to heal adds is quite fun, and I found that you can kill the captured prisoners in the cages around the sides if that takes your fancy. That sort of thing amuses me way more than it should. It would be great if Blizz would put more interactable items in the raid rooms for between pulls.

The other one that I really like so far is Iskar, his story is so sad. He went to Gul’dan thinking he could get his flight back and gets turned into a fel corrupted monster. I really like the mechanics in this fight though, random players are affected by various debuffs and you need to toss an orb among them to clear it as well tanks need to have the orb to interrupt at times. Our raid uses a mouseover macro that throws the orb and puts a message into chat saying who is being thrown to which is nice and handy, though there’s been a bit of personalisation on the various messages that get called out.   At the moment though vudho keeps forgetting the debuffs specific to this fight even though they are saved each time so it’s driving me a little crazy. Hopefully I can figure out what’s going on it with before too long.

We’ll be back in there on Sunday and it should be really interesting to see the next bosses. I better get reading up on them as I haven’t looked past the first 6 yet.


One thought on “Hellfire Citadel

  1. Raiding with Deadline with the BEST EVER. I’m really having a lot of fun with both raiding with friends again and the new raid zone. It’s so pretty! And I like the fights. 🙂

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