The way NPCs interact with you in a game

Just a random thought rolling around in my head but does the way NPCs interact with you passively, not when you’re interacting with them for questing reasons, have an effect on a game feels?

Playing wow on the horde side mainly meant that most of the time if you mouse over a npc you get a “whaddya want” or a rude(ish) abrupt greeting, not always but often enough. It wasn’t something I really picked up on until I started to seriously level my alliance druid and all of a sudden the way NPCs greeted me was completely different. They were friendly and polite and even interested in how my day was going at times.

It’s something I’m also really noticing in Elder Scrolls Online, as I wander past an NPC I’ll randomly get a hi, or a hello or another friendly greeting. Now I’ve started to perform little feats of heroism for them I’ll even have npcs mention my past exploits such as “you’re the hero that saved the king” etc.

It adds a friendly touch to the game and thinking about it, it really gives a pleasurable feeling to be surrounded by friendliness from the NPCs.

What do you think about the way NPCs interact with you?


5 thoughts on “The way NPCs interact with you in a game

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed that with the orcs in particular. I do like the way your garrison npc’s interact with you, even when you haven’t targeted them.

  2. Oh for sure this. It’s the hardest thing about being Horde because everyone is just so cranky and mean! I don’t understand why they can’t just be nice. Being nice doesn’t mean being weak.
    I like the way the NPCs deal with us in WoD. In our garrisons, if we’re walking, the NPCs will move out of our way, or interact with us in other ways. I like that. I also like how, during the levelling process, when we set up a base in a zone, all of the guard NPCs yell out “make way! Commander coming through!” and other fun things like that. It’s a nice touch, and I hope they keep it in. But I tell you what – some of the Horde NPCs could really do with a chill pill!

  3. I’m not sure. There is a lot of that commentary in The Secret World, especially in your faction HQ, but I kind of got used to it. It really helps if it is a verbal comment or greeting, I’ve played some games where you just get a chat emote or the communication is only featured there.

    I do appreciate it, however much I notice or don’t notice it.

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