The best toy

I was listening to an episode of Battletagged this morning on my run (I do all my podcast listening while running, makes the run go much faster as I get wrapped up in listening) and Cinder made mention that she thinks the best toy is the Blazing Wings you can get from doing the game down at Darkmoon Faire.

This immediately started me off thinking what I feel is the best toy in the game and for me the Soul Inhaler is far and away the best toy.

It has an awesome effect that when you use it on a corpse you can suck the soul out of them and they shrink. You also get cool purple warlock wings and a void shadow over your toon.

Soul Sucking Toy Hipthrust

It is a seriously awesome toy. What other toy lets you casually take advantage of a guildies death to be a demon kitty?

I have to say a  massive thank you to Klor who willingly came along and committed toonicide when I said I wanted some photos of the shrinking in action. Soul toy 1  Soul toy 2 Soul toy 3

This toy is dropped by Tor’goroth <The Soul-Gorger>  who lives on a small island in the far north of Frostfire Ridge.

What’s your best/favourite toy?


5 thoughts on “The best toy

  1. I’m partial to Seafarer’s Slidewhistle. Especially because if you do the slide up, it will automatically slide down when you die (but also when you log out, hearth or portal). It’s like your own personal failure buzzer.
    I also like the Ring-Flinger while waiting for pulls and so forth.

    • I had never tried either of those toys until you mentioned them. The slidewhistle is pretty cool, I used it on Z and then forgot all about it until I logged out and wondered what the heck that noise was 🙂

  2. I’m really boring. I don’t play with my toys except the useful ones like Safari hat. Maybe Ai-Li’s skymirror? Yeah, maybe that is my fave. And I’m not sure I have this toy that is your fave, I must go find it.

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