Well that didn’t last long

Soo this may have happened…

Witch Doctor


Despite my good intentions to play a different class this season, the poor wizard at level 70 was just too squishy for my liking and it was only a few hours before I was thinking about how a witch doctor would be able to breeze through content that I was struggling with on a Wizard. It didn’t help that I’ve been playing a bit with a friend who’s levelled a WD and I was constantly eyeing off their survivability compared to my Wizard. So I ended up caving and boosting up a witch doctor though a couple of rifts and I was happily playing again on my favourite D3 class.

I’m running  a pet build which means there are tons of minions on my map all attracting the attention of the mobs and my witch doctor has a much nicer time in-game.

I love the photo below.. the poison pools  turned my little fetish army minions pink every time they ran through it. I spent way too long dragging them through each pool I came to, just so I could have hot pink minions. Hot Pink Fetish Army

Double witch doctor’s both running pet builds.. So many minions swarming around the place. The map gets chaotic with so many minions darting around the place.

Double WD minions


Maybe next season I’ll put more time into a class other than a WD.


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