The levelling bug has bit again

I haven’t really been playing with my alts this expansion, sticking mostly to my druid for all content. However, with Legion just around the corner the urge to have all my 90+ toons (that I play anyway) to 100 kicked in again and in the last couple of days I’ve got the Death Knight and Mage both up to 100.

The mage hit 100 by questing the last few levels with a friend who was levelling a DK. It was nice questing with a friend, it made the already familar zones feel new again as we had different perspectives of the ways to go and with him on tanky class it helped make  being on a squishy mage much more enjoyable. Though right at the end I found out that turning on my water elemental’s Water Jet spell and macroing it to Frost Bolt made for a lot more procs of fingers of frost and made her damage skyrocket. I may very well have not read a single note on mage playstyle changes with the new expansion. Let’s just brush over that shall we.

Mage 100

The DK quested her way through most of all the zones though the last level in Nagrand came mostly from killing rares and picking up treasures. I love having her around as a blood DK, it makes a nice change from my slightly squishier caster classes, though she hasn’t set foot in a dungeon as a tank for 40odd levels.

DK 100


The mage and dk join my already 100 druids (Horde and Alliance), shaman, priest, paladin and hunter.

My warlock is my last 90+ Horde. She’s sitting at 97 atm, I have plans to have her hit 100 in the next few days and then I’ll  decide if I want anymore of my alts to 100. I have a 90 monk on Barthilas but I moved her to the alliance side when there were free faction transfers and the  idea of levelling an Alliance toon on a Horde-heavy PvP realm leaves me a little cold so it’s unlikely she’ll be levelled anytime soon. And I have a couple of double up classes on Alliance which probably won’t be levelled this expansion, I’m fairly happy just playing one set of classes on one faction at the moment.

I still haven’t decided where Z should be sitting for Legion, faction or server wise. I may  end up levelling her where she is and then decide where I want to go from there.

Apart from that I’ve started dabbling in  Starbound which I have had in my steam list for quite a while and never got around to playing.


It’s a building game along similar lines to Terraria but I have a spaceship and can travel to different planets. With it coming out of beta in a short while I thought I really should get around to having a look at it.


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