New Toons

What’s better at the end of an expac then to make new toons?

I was looking through my list of characters I have spread across way way too many realms and noticed a level 1 Orc Warrior sitting neglected in Orgrimmar. I haven’t had much luck in levelling Warriors, I have a ton of sub level 10s dotted around the place so thought I should really give it another go.

I took her up to the undead starting area which is one of my favourite starting zones. I love the north of Eastern Kingdoms in general with the green countryside and castle theme. And the quests and NPC dialogue is pretty funny at times.

Merrah - Hillsbrad Foothills.jpg


In full heirlooms and prot spec she’s levelling really quickly. I started dungeon spamming once she hit level 15 and as a tank the queues are ridiculously short so she hardly ever spends much time out in questing. Now that I’m a few hours into playing a prot warrior, it’s actually quite a fun class to play.


She’s sitting around 63 at the moment and filling in the slightly longer dungeon queue times that seem to have hit in Outland with a bit of questing here and there. I love Outland transmog items from quests so hopefully I’ll find her enough gear to transmog out of the stock standard heirloom look she’s rocking currently.

The other new toon is a Mistweaving Panda monk that’s levelling pretty much solely through dungeon running with a friend who started a Panda warrior tank at the same time. I’m not sure how I feel about monk healing at low levels. I haven’t levelled a monk healer -the monk I have at 93 didn’t become a healer until level 90 so I don’t have any experience healing low levels with one. But, her heals feel really lacklustre compared to the  other healers I’ve levelled. I was thinking it might just be me except I had a monk healer in a dgn when I was on my warrior girl say much the same thing so maybe it’s not just the way I’m playing her.

Naralex Wailing Caverns

I have a half-baked idea to try to get my warrior to 100 before Legion but seeing we’re hardly any time at all from both the pre-patch and the expac itself I have no idea if that’s going to happen. But so far she’s pretty fun and after 6 odd years of pretty much only playing healers the role change is pretty interesting. The idea of tanking high levels is a little scary though so we’ll see how she goes when I hit 90+

My poor little monk might take forever if at all to get to 100, especially as she’s currently being played as part of a pair.. but we’ll see how she goes. As my other monk is Alliance and I still have the long-term goal of 1 of every class to max level on both factions – she’s in with a chance 🙂





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