More Tanking Adventures

I really enjoyed seeing the Cata Dgns again. I can’t really say zones as I started in Hyjal, did a couple of quests while quing for dgns and then basically skipped all the way to Twilight Highlands where Hip really kindly took me through the Arena, qued for a few more dgns and hit level 85 and that was the end of my time in the Cata zones.

Cata Arena - Merrah and Hip

The Cata dgns was great though. One thing I’ve seen is how different each run can be depending on the different groups I get. When I zoned into The Stonecore for the first time, the 4 people there were already halfway through and had been waiting a while for a tank and  all were so happy when I zoned in that it was a really friendly run. It was  nice, even if their confidence was simply at seeing a tank role – they no idea of how I was going to be, but we finished the run  easily. They asked me to stay and spam a few dgns with them. They were a fantastic group so I was happy to stay with them for quite a while. At one point in Blackrock Caverns the hunter pulled all the mobs in a room and apologised so much until I said it was fine the mobs had to die anyway. They were so sweet that I didn’t get cross at them for pulling everything but the damage was so high that I really didn’t mind, things were just exploding and the healer was good enough even with the extra damage.

Then I took a break and the first new dgn I zoned into was Lost City of Tol`vir in Uldum (One of my favourite Cata dgns). And the healer was a pita. He got pissed I wanted to kill the 2nd quest mob after the 1st boss (there’s one on each side of the boss). He ran down to the next section and sat there calling me and the other dps nubs because we didn’t know the way to the next section and even when I said we’re killing the quest mobs (yay for my self-healing abilities as he refused to move back to us) he just bitched that we could come back later and that we had to go back that way anyway. No idea what the heck he meant by that because you don’t come back that way after killing the boss unless its to turn in quests and he wasn’t on the quest so he didn’t have to go back there anyway.

Then we get to the turn off to go to the crocodile boss and he didn’t want to do that one, more comments about me not knowing the way through the dgn  /sigh. So I just led the dps around the trash and we took the boss while he eventually caught up still complaining. When we got to the 3rd boss  2 dps died from standing on the ground DOT under the boss  so we killed it slowly. At this point the healer did have a point about not being able to heal through stupid but as the 2 that died weren’t in heirlooms I wasn’t going to be a prick as they could very well be seeing the dgn and even the game for the first time and just said there’s a dot under that boss, be aware for next time.

He refused to rez them and one of the toons who had died, a DK, zoned in before my mass rez went off so had a  run back. I was standing at the top  of the platform in front of the last boss waiting for the DK  because he  wasn’t far by then and he was fairly good on dps when the mouthy healer pulls the boss with penance and then complains about how long it’s taking to kill and that the healer had to attack mobs to get things dying.

I eventually told him that had he not pulled without a person we’d be killing much faster and to back off.. and he was off on a tirade about nub tanks, nub dps, blah blah.. I just called him a dick and left it at that and with a parting shot he dropped group. Once we killed the boss, I immediately requed with 2 of the dps and was in Vortex Pinnacle when a lvl 1 hunter whispers me telling me I’m the shittest tank he’d ever seen, didn’t know my way through dgns and I should go to being a ps or xbox console player and then logged off without waiting for my response to get to him which actually was “lol u so mad”… I can be childish too :D.  I have to find it rather funny that he took the whole thing so over the top to follow me to another realm. Hopefully he cooled off for his next group.

After that I hit 85 and got into MOP dgns. So I tanked my way through Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery twice each and Shadowpan Monastery once before it was time for bed, finishing up at 87.

I know I’m definitely not the greatest tank, but I don’t think I’m truly terrible. I possibly can use more of my utility cd’s more often but I rarely die, use all my personal dam red cds at lot,  interrupt a crap ton (do leveling dps not know about interrupting /sigh) and generally have all the mobs beating on my face and no one elses.  I’m pretty sure with more practice I’d pick up the finer points. I was thinking of asking some tanky friends to  come with me and give me some pointers if they feel I’m messing up but that’s so nerve wracking  – having my ability put under the microscope. But it’s a great role and almost as fun as healing so I might suck it up and just ask for feedback to become better.


14 thoughts on “More Tanking Adventures

  1. While leveling my first proper tanking toon in June (she’s at Blackrock Foundry step of her Epic Ring now), I found myself responsible for expelling the toxic guys out of a dungeon.

    As a tank, you have more options to expel a toxic person, because the group won’t move further without you. As a DPS, you can’t really do anything but follow the group.

    I can’t stress enough how important this is. Even if you are expelled, your group is disbanded or some guys quit, you save your nerves, and it’s a win situation. Toxic guys must be toxic outside of dungeon. Right after first warning – either they shut up or they quit.

    I’ve made my mistake of tolerating a very toxic healer shaman throughout a very long Blackrock dungeon in my 50s. Then I made a promise to myself I won’t tolerate this anymore. That I did. Blackrock Caverns in Cata, we’ve expelled a paladin who pulled everything and after wipes he blamed us for failing boss tactics. Everbloom in Draenor, we’ve expelled a toxic healer who started calling us noobs in the first trash and just won’t shut up until the second boss. We kick them out, find a replacement in two minutes and everything goes smooth and nice after.

    Newvies can learn. Assholes stay assholes no matter how good they are or how perfect they know the dungeons. So my policy is zero tolerance.

    • Do you know, it never even occurred to me to vote kick him out. The other dps were quiet so I figured despite his crap, they were prepared to put up with it.
      Normally I only kick if someone is dc’d.
      But yes kicking out a toxic person would probably be a much better response and one I should probably consider earlier if it happens again.

  2. I don’t really understand why there is toxicity in leveling content. If something dissatisfies you just drop group and move on to another. I really Speaking of tanking… I’m heavily considering maining a Warlock for progression raiding in Legion, this is kind of troublesome because early gearing and dungeon grinding for DPS queues is very long- I’ve always geared up as healer or tank because of faster queue times. What do? D:

    • Find a tank/healer friend and come along with them 🙂

      You’re still on NA realms so we could queue together but I don’t know what your time difference would be to AEST?

      • Im in EU, so CEST and your AEST, wait Z! I never took you for an Aussie. You didn’t swap to the Aussie servers when they released in WoD? Anyways. 6AM for you would be 10PM previous day for me.

        • 6am on a weekend for me is doable now and again 🙂 most weekends my bedtime is generally around 4am my time.

          Almost all my toons are on Oceanic servers.. Barthilas, Aman’thul and Saurfang. I do have a couple of lowbies on US RP servers because Oceanic doesnt have any RP realms.

          • Z, are you subliminally pressuring me to stay up late to play with you? I joke, Honestly if you go to 4AM, that is more than reasonable since I play during early/evening late afternoons. So 5pm for me would be 1am for you! Did you know I played on Aman’thul in BC Alliance side? I was also in an oceanic timezone at that time! How will I know your Bnet tag to add you as friend?

          • lol, me trying to get people to stay up late and play wow.. never :p

            That’s cool you were ally Aman’thul. That’s where I started, also Ally but not until mid-Cata 🙂

  3. Z, most people call people who joined during Wrath, Wrath babies- you consider yourself a Cata toddler? :D. Just for my own interest, what time does your guild normally do raids? I think I found one possibly suited for me, but not sure yet. I know time zones are a challenge.

    • haha.. Cata Toddler.. Love it 🙂
      We used to raid from about 7.30am AEST through to 11pm Sun and Wed.. sometimes later starting and later finishing. I don’t think times have been discussed yet but I’d imagine they’re going to be similar

          • Ok Z, couple more hours till servers go down for the prepatch, I will be off work here shortly too. I will add you to Bnet friends once I get a chance to get on. And then we will… AFK in garrisons some more until Legion invasion events?

          • Servers are down here already 😦
            AFK.. No!
            Transmog to collect to fill in the all the empty spots, class changes to test out in dgns and raids, a warrior to play around on more (gear, dgns, lfrs), old raids to run – more transmog and mounts… no time to AFK 🙂

            but yep I should get an early night.. I want to get up early to have a look at the changes before work.. nn 🙂

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