Last Class to 100 for WoD

 My warrior dinged 100 last night, it’s still amazing to me that I leveled a Warrior and in probably the shortest time of all my alts to get to 100.

I stalled a bit in leveling her once I hit Warlords, as the 8th Hordie through the area this expac, all the quests and zones were a bit too familiar and between 94 and 96 just seemed to drag on. I kept finding excuses to log onto Z and run old raids instead of levelling.

I did start out trying to level almost solely through WoD dungeons but the exp really wasn’t that great. I was lucky that BT and Twice, a guildie from Deadline, both still had low level warlords toons and came and qued a few dgns with me which made running multiple dgns more interesting but tbh the early ones just weren’t that exciting. Up to 97 I only had access to 3, Slag Mines, Iron Docks and Auch. Actually I didn’t find Slag Mines that bad, I had fun trying to round-up as many groups of ogres as I could per pull.

Once I got to 97 though I ended up stopping questing and running dgns and used a couple of the big experience elixirs and turned into a treasure hunter and bonus objective completer only. Doing just that,  she hit 100 really quickly, and as a bonus most of the strength treasures she picked up upgraded to Epic so I had gear to replace my outdated heirlooms at 100.

Merrah - Lvl 100

I started Khadger’s quest for the ring, though there’s no way I could even think about completing it in the next month but the initial 640ilvl ring was a massive upgrade from the 605 I had on. I had been dreading Skyreach, knowing I’d have to do it eventually but it was incredibly easy and half the mechanics I don’t really like.. as a tank I could almost basically ignore them. A brand new tank is way more fun to play than a brand new healer.

I had to take her through Silver proving grounds to get into heroics which was easy enough so I decided to stay and get gold as well. I’d like to see if I can get endless on her, something I haven’t bothered to get on Z.

Tank Gold Proving Grounds

One thing I didn’t think about though, until I asked Hip and Twice to do a guild dgn with me though (talking constantly through bnet chat takes away the feeling of being away from everyone).. is she’s on another realm. If I want to level her up after Z in Legion, I won’t be seeing my guildies that much and any runs I do won’t be guild runs. I’m almost tempted to use the 11th slot I’ll be getting on Barth to boost a warrior and put a demon hunter on another realm.

I haven’t looked at what class changes Legion is bringing for Prot Warrior. Hopefully she’ll still be as fun to play after the patch goes onto the live realms tonight.



6 thoughts on “Last Class to 100 for WoD

    • Opps, that what I meant. The new slot that is coming for a DH. I’m out of space on Barth unless I delete my little lvl 80 alliance priest.. which is a good idea tbh.

  1. Z, warriors have had the long standing tradition since Vanilla as the ONLY tank- this carried into BC before finally, prot paladins and druids would get their limelight in wrath. As such, warriors are the legacy tanks of the olden days! I heard the new animation for warriors were cool as heck… I need to check them out!

    • The new animations do look awesome. I haven’t played my girl yet but I was watching a warrior in a dgn yesterday and they look very updated 🙂 Thunderclap especially looks awesome with lightning lines coming out of it.

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