The Transmog Patch

Despite the class changes that have come in, Transmog is exactly what this patch is all about for me so far.

I’ve been pretty much collecting every piece of gear that has come my way lately and even bought my guild storage bank the full 7 tabs to help store all the boe’s that my various Barth toons collected. 4 tabs held each of the different armor types, 1 for weapons, 1 for offhands and 1 for general boe stuff so that my toons banks could be free to hold all the soulbound armor they had. So logging on yesterday morning, one of my first priorities was to send the boe’s out to the right armor type wearer so they could start learning and then selling all the soulbound learnt appearances.

Z pretty much met all the Fashionista achievements straight away once I logged on and off a few of my clothes hording toons but I did need about 4 shirts to finish the last one. I opted for the easy way and picked up the missing few from the shirt vendor in Dalaran.

Zee the Fabulous

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of cloth transmogs which is not surprising as the majority of my toons are cloth wearers and as I have very very little plate so over the coming months I might start changing up which toons run through old content to fill in the blank spots.

The only change that I don’t really like is the fact you can’t turn heads and cloaks off from the interface anymore.  The first thing I would do when making a toon is turn head and cloak off and for a new toon, now this means waiting until I can find a transmogrifier in a major town or being able to access mounts at level 20. I wasn’t too worried about that, figuring I can look like a clown for a few levels until I realised that even for my lvl 100s, when I start levelling in Legion, any upgrade will show until I can get to a transmogrifier. A small inconvenience but still an enough of a one that this happened..

Grand Expedition Yak

Now I can transmog anywhere I go.

 Warrior xmog 2 Casual Warlock Xmog Survival Hunter


8 thoughts on “The Transmog Patch

  1. Z, I like your xmog tops, but your not showing enough leg! I recommend some BC quest pants to be more revealing… IF that is what you want of course :p

    • lol nah, the amount of skin they are showing is enough 🙂 Except for my dk, she generally is a bit of a skin shower but that’s just because if I wear a full set of the plate outfits I like, they tend to end very flashy on a girl toon.

      • and I thought the purpose of having a good xmog system is to make all your toons look as slooty as possible be it cloth, rubber, mail, or plate…

  2. I know what you mean! I was doing the same thing with my private guilds & guild banks (including buying that 7th tab to have room to stash more stuff) and now I am slowly going through it all…

    Grats on being Fabulous and on the Yak, and I like your Mogs! 😀

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