Mythic dungeons on an under-geared tank and back to raiding!

With the pre-patch bringing some serious class changes as well as the return of a few guildies who have been missing in action the last few months, we popped in HFC to test out the class changes.  The raid went fairly smoothly especially given the returning guildies were either quite undergeared or hadn’t actually seen HFC before.

Resto druids feel pretty much exactly as they did before the patch. My toolbox hasn’t really changed that much and I’m not finding I’m missing too badly any of the spells that were removed. I am really looking forward to Legion healing as a Resto and getting my artifact weapon up to the point where I can have a moving tranq again (I do miss the days when I could steal Spirit-walkers grace for a mobile tranq).

What I don’t like is not having access to Stampeding roar as Resto anymore. I really liked the extra utility it brought and the speed boost but at least I still have displacer beast and dash. The removal of Mass rez from all but healers is a serious pain in the arse, I do hope that gets changed. While I’m not in favour of public outcry, I would add my voice to having this change rolled back.

Seeing ach’s pop up, has made me realise there are a ton of dungeon/raid ach’s still to get so that might be a good thing to focus on in the wind-down to Legion.

Soul Man Ach

After raid tonight we headed off for a few mythic dungeons for guildies that hadn’t done the achs yet. We had more than enough healers and dps that wanted to come so I brought along my undergeared tank. She hasn’t actually tanked all the Draenor heroic dgns yet, but there’s nothing like jumping right in the deep end.

I was pretty squishy which was fairly predictable given I still have 2 heirloom pieces and felt a bit bad at the start for stressing out our new healer who’s just joined us. They’re a long term friend of the most of the guildies so at least it wasn’t a complete stranger I was torturing.

There was a point where I whispered Twice, who organised the run saying I should leave, but he said stay and it wasn’t as bad as I was saying especially as I wasn’t the only undergeared one in there. So I stayed and despite the deaths it was pretty fun (from my pov anyway!)  My tank picked up a few pieces of gear and one ring was an 80 ilvl upgrade which was phenomenal.

Warrior - mythic dgns ach

Auchindoun was definitely the easier of the two though there was one particular trashpack that proved more difficult than most of the boss fights in both the  dgns we did.

Auch - tank Mythic BSM - Tank

Hopefully I haven’t scared my guildies too badly as to my tanking ability (or lack of) as I really do want to tank a lot more. Hipho, one of the guild tanks has offered to come and run LFR with me this week, which would be awesome if we go and do. It’ll be much easier being able to talk to the tank I’m working with especially for such a new one.


6 thoughts on “Mythic dungeons on an under-geared tank and back to raiding!

  1. Z… I find myself conflicted. Reason is I want to play my characters, but im not big into achievements and collecting, but all the rewards for content that is out right now will be phased out in 2 weeks. Besides, there is no reason to struggle through pug groups and waste time with HFC when we will get fresh invasion gears when the event kicks off! oh what do… So I just been running time walking dungeons to test out new specs/rotations…

    • This type of thing is like it or leave it, I think. I’m one of those that saw the changes and, initially, was a bit overwhelmed, but then wanted to get in and try it all out – give it a test drive. On the other hand, my husband is the type that currently only raids if there is a fairly good chance of upgraded gear (which at this stage in the expansion, doing what we’re doing, isn’t so likely) – so he logs in, looks at the changes, throws his hands up in the air and logs out again.

      But then, I’ve always been a bit weird, apparently, in that I go along to raids primarily for the fun and to play the game, irrespective of what upgraded pixels I may get. Upgrades, achievements, pets or mounts are all just extra icing on top 😉

      • Trust me, im between, I play the game because I am here for the gameplay- but at the same time I need to feel progression for dedicating so much time invested into good gameplay, if that makes sense. If im trying to do optimal rotations and setting up my bars and tellmewhens then I feel I should be progressing… so I would say right now I am getting 50% satisfaction from playing the game! I am enjoying the gameplay with experiencing new class changes, but not enjoying the meaningless progression part!

        And of course I waste a lot of time on XMOG >_<, but that's 100% satisfaction if you can get the look you want on all your toons :p.

        • My main is undead … not a lot looks good on an undead :p By the way, I came across an excellent addon the other day for helping with stocking the wardrobe: “Can I Mog It?” – it’s worth checking out 😉

          • I’ve heard about that addon. I might go have a look at it. I’m still running mogit which is hardly getting used lately with the default transmog UI being pretty good. Though I wish we could sort it by colour like mogit.

            I’m still clearing bags and banks and quite a few toons have stocked mailboxes of boe’s waiting to pick up and see if they’ve learnt it. My guild bank tabs are nearly as full of boe’s that I’ve already learnt as they were before.. yet my toons are learning and selling pieces all the time. I don’t know where on earth I was storing it all. No wonder their banks/void storage and bags were full.

    • I went through a phase where I really wasn’t interested in playing alts, and even playing Z for a while and I took a break but with the changes I’m really excited to see my toons again. But having said that.. there’s still a few I haven’t logged into yet short of clearing out their banks/storage of clothes.
      I don’t think I could struggle through pugs either but seeing my guild coming back is what makes it exciting and I love raiding with these people so upgrades are a by the side sort of bonus.

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