Salvage Yard Trolling

My Shaman still had 100+ odd salvage boxes to open from before the pre-patch so I sat down and opened them all last night.

All was going really well until I found I had a soulbound axe that was really pretty  but  it was still saying I hadn’t collected the appearance.

On closer inspection it turns out it’s an Alliance only item. My poor Shaman is feeling really sad now that she can’t use her new axe and I’m quite confused as to how that came out of a horde salvage crate.

Alliance xmog - salvage yard


10 thoughts on “Salvage Yard Trolling

    • I probably should do that, it didn’t cross my mind at the time.
      I was more bemused at how I would get it to an alliance axe user until I noticed the soulbinding status.

  1. Huh. That’s the Alliance version of the axe that Shaman get from the level 20 quest to go get stuff for a cool weapon from Shadowfang Keep. Did you actually do that quest with your Goblin Shaman, or did you skip it?

    • Hmm..
      My Goblin Shaman was originally a Draenei. I wonder if that axe was actually in her bank from when she was alliance and I never noticed.

      But I don’t think I have done that quest. I just looked at her statistics on the armory and she hasn’t killed the end boss in SFK in classic.
      I can’t imagine I would have gone in for the quest and not finished the dgn.
      Unless her progress was reset when she faction changed? Can that happen?

      • Hmm… I’ve done a handful of faction changes, and I think I remember that for one of them, I could still do the Alliance version of a quest that I’d already done the Horde version of, and get the Alliance version of the quest reward as well as the Horde version I already had.

        • Is there a horde version of this quest? I just checked wowhead and can’t find an equivalent horde quest/quest reward.

          I just checked all my girls statistics and none of the are updated for SFK as well as a few others. I think I must have done this quest as an alliance and I’ve never realised it came with me from Alliance faction. I wonder if I can still transmog this onto my Shaman.

          This will be one weapon that won’t be getting deleted from my Shaman’s inventory.

          Thanks Kam for solving the transmog mystery! I can stop blaming my salvage yard for tricking me.

          • The Alliance version of the quest is “Blessing of the Elements” and awards Spell Axe of the Farseer
            The Horde version of the quest is “Terga’s Task” and awards Spell Axe of the Seeker
            The two axes are the same model, but the decoration pattern is different. The Horde one is much simpler — I think the Alliance one is prettier!

          • You’re welcome! 🙂
            You can thank the Dwarf Shaman alt I rolled during Cataclysm (and never got past level 30) for this knowledge 😉

  2. Z, draenai aesthetically are so much more appealing than goblins… why race change back then, you can put all kinds of slooty xmogs on draenai female toon and dance in stormwind…

    On a more serious note, what do you do with all the greens and stuff you get from your salvage crates? do you vendor them or put up 1000 auctions on the AH?

    • lol… I really don’t do slutty transmog 😀
      I like pants wearing draenei but not in dresses and shamans have the prettiest dreses.

      Atm all the boe greens I dont need to learn are sitting in my guild bank. I have 4 tabs full. I have no idea if I’ll try to auction them or vendor them yet.

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