Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

A few weeks ago, Hip and I realised we didn’t have all the toys from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb in Tanaan Jungle so we decided to group up and kill them every night together until we had all 3 toys each.

After a week or so of us trotting off to the Jungle daily, Twice and Aglea began to join us for our nightly killing of the Toy People (as they got renamed) and as luck would have it, both of them collected all 3 toys before Hip and I had got ours.

It was making the pair of us a bit cross with the RNG as both of us got stuck on the toy from Gondar, even ending up with duplicates of the others before he dropped the ones we needed.

Learning all 3 toys gave me Iron Armada which comes from collecting the 3 toys from the Tanaan Rares and 2 from Winter Veil.

Iron Armada ach

Now we’ve collected the toys, we’ve started popping over to Nagrand to kill Pugg,  Guk and Rukdug for the 3 pets they drop. Hopefully the RNG won’t be too bad for us on this set of nightly rare kills.


4 thoughts on “Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

  1. Grats!! You are so much more patient than I am! I ended up buying the last one I needed because I was far too lazy to keep grinding for it. I forgot about those pets though… I should go back and try for those again. Thanks for the reminder! 😀

    • Thanks 🙂 I think if I wasn’t doing it as a part of a regular group thing I would have bought them too. But we were determined to stick it out until all toys dropped, especially as everyone else that came with us were getting theirs.
      Part of the benefit of doing it with a group was that we could trade the duplicates drops around to people that needed them.

      Good luck on the pet drops!

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