Guild PvP

It just happened that after I noticed how little pvp achievements I have, a few guildies started making a lot of noise about doing  pvp in normal battlegrounds, not just Ashran. I did enough Ashran to get exalted with Voljin’s spear so I haven’t felt the need to go back in there.

The changes to not having to have a dedicated pvp set of gear makes it much easier to go into pvp now. Healing in battlegrounds is really fun, way more fast-paced  and dynamic compared to pve content,  even with  constantly being focused as a healer, it’s quite interesting. It’s also really satisfying to be able to keep people alive long enough to see them kill people who were doing their best to kill you 🙂  The best moment was when I was down to nearly 1% health from 2 very persistent warriors and Hip (who pvp’s on his pally) put his paladin bubble on me, which lasted long enough for me to heal to full and keep him alive for him to take out both warriors. Best thing ever 🙂

Given how little achievements I have, it’s going to take a very long while to actually start to see an improvement in my pvp ach points especially as a lot are based on 100 victories in each battleground etc,  but I was able to collect 2 from one new battleground I haven’t actually been into. Since it came out last expansion, it really brings home just how little pvp I’ve done.

.Puddle JumperPvp

Hopefully my guildies will keep up their pvp streak as it’s way more fun with friends and with skype to be able to easily say when and where you need help. Plus.. there is a ton of PvP transmog I haven’t collected yet so I need to keep winning for the new marks of honor to collect up new clothes.




4 thoughts on “Guild PvP

    • lol nah.. I usually have Hip or Twice in range of me and can usually heal long enough for either of them to kill whoever’s trying to kill us. Seriously nothing better than watching someone try their damndest to focus me while ignoring the fact there’s a rogue or pally just whaling away at them.

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