Glory of the Pandaria Hero

I’m still on a huge achievement phase and luckily Twice’s enthusiasm hasn’t dropped off as well so we compared our to-do lists and found that we both only had around 12 or so achievements to finish off in the Pandaria dgns for the Meta and Mount. We were really lucky in that most of our missing ach’s were overlapping with each of us only missing 1 or 2 that the other already had done.

Running the dgns were really fast and most of the achievements were pretty straightforward. We did change toons a couple of times to re-do two achs I messed up the first time. Hydrophobia is personal and I got splashed by something I shouldn’t have so we re-did that one on with my hunter staying right out of the way. And again for the Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet, which by the way has to be the cutest achievement in the game, because we zoned out and that reset the progress on one of the little Quilen and he was no longer collectable.


Quarrel AchJade Quilen 1

The baby Quilen that you have to collect for this ach out of Mogu’shan Palace are the cutest things ever. They have a number of animations and they roar and try to attack you by swiping at you with their paws. They also jump on each other and get stunned every now and again. I would love to have a pet like these in the game.

The only issue Twice had was in Stormstout Brewery collecting the golden hoplings. We left it to the end of the dungeon for him to go look for them and we found a door was closed and we couldn’t get back through the dungeon to the start. We swapped toons to run it again, but his toon hadn’t completed the quest associated with the brewery so there was no dgn entrance.   A scheduled shutdown came along for an hour so after shutdown retried on our mains and the door was open. So that meant at least that one could be finished for him on the right toon.

Finishing off this set of ach’s put me at 19600 points and 1 mount closer to the 250. I really like the colours of  Crimson Cloud Serpent that comes from completing the meta but tbh I’m not a massive fan of cloud serpents in general.

Glory of Panda Hero Mount Crimson Serpent

With a full weekend ahead, hopefully we can team up a bit more and finish off more achievements. I really do love getting internet points 🙂



2 thoughts on “Glory of the Pandaria Hero

    • Thanks 🙂

      They are pretty fast to do now so you shouldn’t have any problems getting through them. It is way more fun to do them with another ach hunter than solo though.
      If you need a hand.. let me know xx

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