Warlord of Draenor

This post isn’t about me but about my friend’s achievement. I played a small role in helping Hip get his Warlord of Draenor title and it’s such a big one that I really wanted to rave about his achievement a little  🙂

The Warlord of Draenor title comes from killing 500 of each opposing race in either   Ashran or world PvP in a Draenor zone. It works out to be a rather enormous 3500 kills needed for the achievement.  We were on mumble a few days ago while Hip was pvping away and he was really happy there was a panda in his Ashran bg as they were his last race for the achievement and they were really rare compared to the other races so it was taking ages to finish up.  He only had 80 out of the 500 kills to go and he’d be done.

I  have an 93 alliance panda on Barth so offered up her services as a target for extra panda kills so we popped out to Shadowmoon Valley to test out how it would go.

Zhii and Ret selfie

The only issue was the rez timer after multiple deaths becomes 2 minutes and immediately rezzing at spirit healer  gave me a 10min honorless target, so the time needed for 80kills was looking pretty long.

Luckily Twice has an alliance druid that he brought out to rez me over and over, all we had to do was work out how to get a level 26  baby toon into Shadowmoon Valley. Hip also has alliance toons, so he tracked down an warlock to come out and the 3 of us summoned Twice to us.

Hip killing Zhii - Twices ss

It was much faster with an immediate rezzer on hand but it still took a while as we had to be careful Hip didn’t kill me too many times in a row without a bit of break in between otherwise I’d end up with a 5min honorless target debuff. Blizz’s way of trying to discourage ganking I guess.The down time gave us plenty of times to play with all our toys.


Darkmoon Seesaw

Quite often we’d end up with people  watching the 3 of us. Twice and I were really lucky none of the Horde that came past decided to kill us as well.

It took a couple of days of the 3 of us popping down to SMV  and having a bit of a killing party for Hip to finally get his 500 Panda kills. On the last night,  once Hip got his 500th Panda kill,  Twice and I pretty much immediately logged off and went to bed as it was about 2am in the morning, super happy for Hip but also really glad not to have to watch the Panda death animation anymore lol.

Dead Zhii

When I logged in the next day, Hip told me that he had decided to wait for the next time Twice and I were also online so that he could turn in the quest and get his achievement with us there with him.

Warlord of Draenor




2 thoughts on “Warlord of Draenor

    • It really is. Hip was so modest when I told him I was posting about this because in his words “everyone’s already done this”… but not everyone has done this – I haven’t and am not likely to! and even late in the expac the level of effort required to get this ach is just as great, if not greater, then at the start when everyone is pvping.
      I’m so proud and happy for my friends/guildies and love spending time mucking around in wow with them even if it includes letting them kill my toon over and over :p

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