Experiment 12-B

Look who decided to show up in the loot box after Ultraxion in Dragon Soul!

12-B 2

12-B 4

I popped into Dragon Soul with Twice  the other night for some more ach hunting and the mount dropped from Ultraxion. I was really lucky and won the roll so Experiment 12-B got to come home with me.

12-B 1

Now we’ll have a reason to go back after all the achs are done, to get another to drop for Twice and I’m still looking for the Blazing Drake from there to finish off Awake the Drakes.



5 thoughts on “Experiment 12-B

  1. Congrats!

    I sure wish it was Experiment 12-B that was required for Awake the Drakes, instead of the Blazing Drake, though. I tried Spine last week until my armor was broken and though I made progress about every other attempt, I didn’t even get to the second tendon.

    • Thanks, I love his colours too 🙂
      Onyxia’s mount is probably my favourite drake in the game. I had so many toons going through her lair until it dropped.
      I’ll keep my fingers 12-B drops for you without too many run 🙂

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