Scarlet Crusade Transmog is back in the game

I was really disappointed when the Scarlet Crusade transmog that used to drop from the old 4 instances of what’s now Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Halls was removed when they were changed for MoP. I had managed to pick up only the Tabard  and Belt when the changes were implemented. I hung onto the pieces I had managed to collect given their extreme rarity and even when the transmog changes happened with the new patch, I tucked both items back in the bank and added them to the small list of transmog gear that wouldn’t be deleted or sold, even with account wide transmog now.

And it appears that the tabard will still be useful (to some anyway.. more about that later) as the addition of a new NPC down in Darkmoon Faire has really important ramifications for those that do have the Tabard.

Scarlet QM 2

There is now a Scarlet Crusade Quartermaster standing near the petting zoo in the Darkmoon Faire. Turns out if you equip the tabard and go down and talk to her you can buy a full set of the Scarlet Crusade gear for transmog.. but only if the tabard is equipped onto a mail or plate wearer. Unluckily for me the tabard I have is sitting on my mage, so no transmog for her.

Scarlet Crusdade Xmog

Scarlet QM

The tabard has been implemented back into the game at a very low drop from the Scarlet instances but I’m not sure if re-grinding the tabard is something I want to do. Luckily the belt I do have on my hunter so all my mail toons have learnt this appearance.

Given there is boa specific armor gear, I am a little puzzled why the transmog can’t be purchased by any toon with the correct tabard but only used by the right armor user. Similar to how the transmog gear from the garrison building can be purchased by any toon but only used by the right armor wearer.




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