Did I say last class to 100 – I forgot about Demon Hunters!

Pre-purchasing Legion a few months ago meant that I could access Demon Hunters when they went live yesterday. So after running Z through the Broken Shore story line (Even though I knew it was coming, the ending cinematic was incredibly sad), I popped over to have a look at Demon Hunters. Even though I have the beta, I hadn’t actually tried out a DH so they were a complete surprise.

I started with a Blood Elf DH on Bartilas. You need a level 70 toon on a realm before you can make a demon hunter so that meant there’s only 4 realms I can make a DH on. They look amazing, and their spell animations are so good. I like having the glaives  as weapons in each hand and when they are on her back, they look like a pair of butterfly wings.


The starting area is pretty awesome, full of demons and fell green everything but the scenery is amazing.


The levelling process is really fast and I reached Level 100 not too far from the end of the starting zone so it’s really fantastic having a brand new level 100 in under 50mins. Once my DH can access old raids again, I’ll have another toon to run through Tempest Keep for Ashes.

Belf DH

Once she got out of the starting area, I ran her through a few of the invasions which were pretty fun. Being on a PvP realm though, I spent more time killing (or being killed by) Alliance rather than the invading demons. Unfortunately, if Barthilas is anything to go by, Azeroth is pretty much doomed as the two factions would prefer to fight each each other most of the time than work together.


Make love not war

Z DH 1

Then after playing around on my blood elf as a DPS DH for a while, I decided to go see the Alliance side and made a Night Elf, this one I made tank and the transformation spell  you get as a tank is utterly awesome. She looks terrrifying!

Ele DHEle DH 2


Twice and Ele Ally DH

I absolutely love that in the space of an evening I  have 2 new level 100 toons. (At last count, I now have 15 toons that can run through TK without assistance)


The best things about Demon Hunters so far…

  1. Wings

One thing I was not expecting on a demon hunter was that I get wings!! Real working wings so if you double jump or jump off something really high (or dismount mid-air) you can glide down to the ground. I spent a long time just jumping and gliding on my wings.

Ele DH 1

2. Demonic Language

Demon hunters can talk across faction if they use their racial language Demonic. Most of the alliance I saw, I was more interested in throwing my glaives at but towards the end of the night when the novelty of so many alliance in one place had worn off I decided to try talking to one that didn’t look overly hostile. (i.e. didn’t attack me on sight).

Ally and Horde DH

When in doubt shout louder.  It took a bit of spamming in demonic for him to figure out how to talk back to us but it was so funny when he worked it out. Poor guy was finding it impossible to do the invasions on Barth from Horde killing him constantly – and here I was finding it impossible to do the invasions because they were killing me constantly.



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