It’s a Lava Window

It still surprises me that after 6 odd years of playing this game that there are still things in this game that surprise me utterly. I run Molten Core fairly regularly for rep with the Hydraxian Waterlords and last night in between invasions, Twice popped down with me.

Once we got to where you can talk to the NPC to be ported into Molten Core, Twice started talking about I should jump out the window to get into the raid. I really didn’t believe that this was actually a thing and after questioning my sanity for a few seconds and pretty much 100% sure I was going to end up in a burning  pool of lava with Twice laughing at me.. I jumped out.

Lava Window 1

And this is what came up on my screen..Lava Window

And I ended up here.

Lava Window 2

This is a way more fun way to get into Molten Core than simply just talking to a NPC. I’ll be jumping out the window from now on 🙂


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