Exploring Karazhan Crypts

Spectral sight

Demon hunters are hands down the most fun class to explore on. Their double jump, glide and fel rush means they are able to get into or on top of things and pop their heads  into places that other classes might have a bit of difficulty with.

I happened to be passing by Karazhan with Twice last night and we thought we’d have a bit of a poke around the ruins of Karazhan to see if anything has been changed in the prelude to Legion.

Karazhan holds one of the zones that is most talked about and hardly ever seen as it used to require exploits to get into. But now, with the pre-patch for Legion, the entrance into Karazhan Crypts has been changed.

If you go down on a non-demon hunter or a toon that hasn’t done the Broken Shore quest lines, you’re still greeted with the closed metal portcullis.

Karazhan Crypsts 10

But after you’ve done the Broke Shore quests or are on  a demon hunter, the metal gate is open and you’re faced with a wooden gate. This  is no barrier to a demon hunter with double jump.

Karazhan Crypsts 1

Once over the gate, you can explore your way around some really dark and creepy places.

We made one of the rooms into a demon hunter only game and tried to see if we could jump around the room without touching the ground between the tombstones

The changes to Karazhan for toons that have done the broken shore quests, or able to skip them entirely like demon hunters is really exciting. We’ve been told that Karazhan will be re-used in Legion, so I wonder if the crypts beyond the gate will make an appearance. It’s a pretty dark place, so I really wonder if it will be open to the general public as it is now or if there’ll be further changes before Legion is live.


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