9 Reps to go

Z picked up 2 more reps yesterday, giving her rep 50 and 51 and putting her only  9 away from The Beloved title.

Kiling mobs in The Underbog gives rep for both the Cenarion Expedition as well as Sporeggar and all through the dungeon are Sanguine Hibiscus you can turn in for extra rep with Sporeggar. The Slave Pens and Steamvault gives rep just for Cenarion Expedition, but I found normal Steamvault gave just as much rep as the others on Heroic so I could reset the lockout and run it a few times.

Czar of Sporeggar

Guardian of Cenarius

I have a lot of reps from BC through to Cata still to get to Exalted and with the new reps coming in Legion, there’ll be plenty of Reg grinding to keep me occupied for quite a while.



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