Goodbye Warlords

and goodbye Draenor.

The end of an expansion is always bittersweet. I’m super excited about seeing new content but I also know I won’t see Draenor in the same way again. I might level more alts through it (and I will with a monk and rogue still sub-100)  but it’ll be a quest or two in each zone, not the total immersion the past few years have seen.

I actually really liked Warlords as an expansion. The zones were gorgeous and having a garrison gave me the feeling of having a home base. I loved being able to have a bodyguard with me, more for a companion then as a dps boost. I love pet classes for the constant company and a npc was one step better as they would chatter.

I can’t believe how fast the last few years have flown. Despite spending nearly every day in Draenor there’s still things I discover even now. Like the Hissing Crate in Grimrail Depot. When you click on it, snakes are released. No idea how many times I’ve run that dgn and I only saw that for the first time last week.

My screenshots folder contains hundreds of photos from the past couple of years, making narrowing down my favourites nearly impossible.

Moon over Talador Moon over Frostfire Ghost in the toilet WoWScrnShot_052615_173303 WoWScrnShot_060415_181228 Moon over Fangrila Moon over Garrison Zeera and Painter Statue

Now to start filling up my folder with photos from Legion.


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