My first week in Legion

Syrco, put up a post about her first week in wow and asked how everyone was finding Legion, so I thought I’d answer here rather than in a comment.

The first week has absolutely flown by. I’ve been 110 on Zee for long enough to start getting into end content and oh wow, there is so much to do.

Through just questing in the zones, I hit friendly with all the factions which opened up world quests in every zone.  I’ve finished all the quests for each zone for the meta apart from Suramar, I’m still questing down there in between world quests and dungeons. After exploring through all  the zones I still can’t pick a favourite, all the zones are simply stunning and each has parts I absolutely love.

Suramar zone in general is gorgeous and Suramar City really quickly hit the top of my prettiest places in wow list. The only downside is I have to be masked to be in there without drawing aggro from everyone, otherwise I probably would never leave. I’m going to do a full post on how beautiful the city is later, once I’ve fully explored it and poked my nose into every corner of the place.

WoWScrnShot_090316_180133 WoWScrnShot_090316_180702

I’ve been having the worst luck with Zee’s gear and she got stuck with green questing shoulders and a pendant, holding her ilvl at 808 for ages. We made a guild group as Allucia and I were still under 810, so we walked into heroics with  Klor, Money and Twice to get around having to be 810 to queue.  I upgraded quite a few pieces (still not shoulders) and we were able to start queuing heroics. Currently I’m sitting at 817, so if I can dump the green shoulders my ilvl should jump up quite a bit. We’ve been asked to be at 825 minimum by the 20th for raiding, so fingers crossed Z’s dismal luck will break and I’ll change the shoulders. If all else fails I might try to round up a full guild group of leather wearers and chain dgns with them, one of us should be bound to get shoulders to drop.

Towards the end of Warlords I changed Zee’s professions from JC and Inscription to Inscription and Herbing. I had the idea that herbing would be more useful as I could feed my alchemist herbs to make Zee’s pots and flasks.. not realising that gem slots on gear were no longer rare and now Zee has gear full of gem sockets and no gems.

I could buy them but I really hate buying things I can make, so my DK, who has JC/Mining, came into Legion and opened up her class hall so she can get out and about and start mining to get the ore for gems. I’m not sure if it will actually help me in the short term as she’ll need to be leveled a bit to get access to patterns and professions quests, and spending  time on her is time not spent on Z getting more and more artifact power, but we’ll see how it goes. I may have to not be cheap and just buy the gems I need for the first few months.


I also decided to bring my alchemist over, so she went and opened up her class hall and got her artifact weapon. I was so excited to see one of the artifcats was Alleria Windrunner’s weapon , so she immediately chose that one and all the related quests hint about Alleria coming back.


Alleria’s back story is one that I’m super interested in, so I really can’t wait to see how the hunter story progresses.  I spoke to a pally friend, who’s as into lore as I am, about Alleria and she mentioned she had come across something that mentions Turalyon has sent a message.. So I really want to bring my Paladin across to open up that bit of lore. But again, alts are probably going to have to work around Zee for the first few months.

I was really curious about the unexplored island at the south of Suramar so wandered down and found it’s the Tomb of Sargeras.

The whole island is full of demons with ridiculously huge health pools, so I skirted round the edges and picked up the flight path and went back to questing in less scary places.

I keep having to pinch myself to get over how amazing this game is. I’m not the only one, Cinder posted a Legion love post as well. I’m sure this content will keep me occupied and immersed for a really long time and coming relatively soon is the new Karazhan dgn which I am ridiculously excited to see.



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