Did I say Z has bad gear luck?      

I take that back completely after the luck she had last night. Her ilvl was sitting so low with the green shoulders she had and with the ilvl needed for raiding being bumped up to 830 according to the guild message of the day, I was starting to be a bit concerned. But last night was a loot night for Z so I don’t think I need to worry as much now.

Twice and I  do our world quests together and we both had one in Aszuna to kill an infernal lord for 825 shoulders so that was number one priority last night and yay, Z finally got rid of her green shoulders. Then we queued for a couple of heroics and a Titan Warforged 840 ring dropped, followed by an 840 chest which I was absolutely squealing about. I love the randomness of loot in dgns, it makes them really exciting.

Then to make it even better, when finished the dungeons, we saw the same shoulder world quest had reset, but this time it had bumped up to 830ilvl for them. Z’s stayed at 830 but Twice’s ones upgraded to 835 so that was really cool.

And then just to round off the loot piñata, I hit honoured with the Nightfallen while doing a couple of Warden’s world quests in Suramar, so I was able to buy the class hall gloves and upgrade 2 of the 3 class hall pieces I have to 840. I need to do more world quests for order hall resources before I upgrade the 3rd.

So all up Z’s ilvl jumped from 817 to 828 in one night. With 2 weeks to go to get the extra two ilvls at a minimum Z should be fine for raiding. And that’s not including mythic dgns which I should be fine to step into with the ilvl she’s at now.

Fingers crossed Z didn’t use up all her loot luck in one night 🙂

I even went and bought some ridiculously priced gems for the new pieces. Time to get the DK levelling for her JC. But then that leads me to think I need my Priest for her Enchanting, oh and the Hunter for her Alchemy. This is the main reason I have so many alts, all for my druid. I keep the evening play time for Z so maybe I need to stop having sleep ins and get up a bit earlier before work and spend the time on my alts.



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