Going up?

All my toons usually get the Going Down achievement fairly early into their lifetime. Generally as a result of me falling off something by mistake.

So I absoutely love that Z picked up the Going Up achievement just to even it out.


Once you’ve climbed to the top of the tower inside, you can hop onto a ledge and make your way outside to some gorgeous views.


stormhiem-hills wowscrnshot_091016_180912


4 thoughts on “Going up?

  1. The first time I did that I didn’t know what was happening. I was going up and up and up for the longest time – to the point where I thought it was a joke or something. Eventually I got to the top and got the achievement and the little treasure chest and had a giggle. (Didn’t realise you could jump out!)
    Anyway, went back downstairs and continued my quests in the area. Sure enough not 3 minutes later I’m given a quest to climb the top of the stairs again… hehe It’s a jewelcrafting quest, and when you’re on it the eye sockets actually have gems in them that you have to take. So I ended up there twice.

    • Oh I can’t wait to bring my JC through. The idea of prying out jeweled eyes just screams Tomb Raider to me 🙂

      There are so many beautiful locations in Stormheim (and everywhere for that matter). I’ll have to dedicate a day a week just for screenshot posting 🙂

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