Really Spoilt Druids

I could be a little  biased but the Druid Class Hall is absolutely gorgeous! And after opening up the Hunter, DK and Priest halls for comparison I am utterly convinced that  druids got absolutely spoilt with how pretty and convenient our hall is.

wowscrnshot_091116_234326 wowscrnshot_091516_071228 wowscrnshot_091516_071313 wowscrnshot_091516_071118 wowscrnshot_091516_071206   zees-order-hall-bedroom

The hall brings a ton of ways to get around the world. Druids get a teleport to and from the hall which if used again returns us to where it was first used as well as a flight path inside the hall and a portal to Dalaran.

Just outside the order hall in the Emerald Dreamway are portals to Ashenvale, Duskwood, Feralas, Grizzly Hills, Hinterlands, Moonglade, Mt Hyjal and Val’Sharah so it pretty much gives a port to most continents in Azeroth.

Zinovia made an amazing map of the different areas in the Order Hall which is awesome because it is a bit of a maze.


Seriously spoilt druids!


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