Blog Challenge – Favourite NPC in Legion

Cinder and I have been chatting about Legion a fair bit lately, and it came up that we’re both feeling like we’ve got so much to say about Legion and we both want to blog more. So we decided to set a challenge where we would both blog about the same topic, to encourage us both to write more frequently. If we can both stick to it, and hopefully with us prodding each other we will, we’re planning on doing a shared topic fairly regularly. Other than knowing the topic we’re not telling each other what we’re writing about, so it will be a suprise for each other to read our different takes on the same subject.

The first  challenge topic is our favourite Legion NPC. You can find Cinder’s blog post  right here.

My favourite NPC so far and the one I most like the back story of is First Arcanist Thalyssra. She’s the leader of the Nightfallen in Suramar and is your point of contact for most of the quests to unlock both Nightfallen but Not Forgotten and Good Sumaritan.

She was originally a Nightborne Elf who was an advisor to the ruler of Suramar, Grand Magistrix Elisande. When Elisande began to ally with the Burning Legion Thalyssra headed up the resistance force against allying with the Burning Legion but failed. She escaped from the city and now is a Nightfallen; a Nightbourne exiled from the city with no access to the Nightwell in Suramar. If a Nightfallen goes without access to arcane power to feed on they become more and more corrupted or “withered” until they turn into mindless zombies.



Her backstory:

I feel so protective of her, though she really doesn’t need it still being a strong leader in her own right, but she’s always the first to receive extra mana from me when her mana reserves get low.


While I really doubt it will happen, I would love to see at the end of all the quest chains in Suramar her be restored to the city and returned to a Nightborne Elf stage.




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