Dungeon Arrival in Style!

Boating into a dungeon, that’s one way to make a pretty memorable arrival.


I’ve had Z down in Suramar questing her heart out as the last two mythics she’s needed to do are gated behind Rep and Quest progression with the Nightfallen. To unlock them you need to have 8000 into Honored and finished the Statecraft story line in Good Suramaritan.

The first one we went into was Court of Stars. This dgn is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just like an instanced version of Suramar City.  There’s one really interesting fight where you get a disguise and need to go track down a specific guest by asking questions of other guests and then working out which person you’re looking for based on their answers. It was a pretty novel mechanic.

I loved how Z looked as a Nightbourne. Those shoulders are simply stunning. I wonder if they are obtainable for a cloth toon.

z-as-a-nightborne    mythic-court-of-stars

Don’t look too hard at my bars, I really need to tidy them up before raid starts.. I can see  multiples of the same icons there. What on earth do I need 2 for?  I need to clean that up

Then we headed into The Arcway. This was wasn’t anywhere near as pretty  but the fights were interesting. Though generally on the first run though of a dgn my attention is usually on watching my green health bars and my feet. It always takes 2 or 3 run throughs before I start to look around me and actually see what the boss looks like.

The one thing I remember most is watching the complete lack of cooldown usage  by the DK tank that pugged in with us. I’ve got pretty spoilt running most of the mythics in a  guild group with Allucia as DK tank. He tends to keep his shield on and Vampiric Blood is used relatively liberally at times. I put the icon on vuhdo so I could track his use of it so I don’t overlap my defensive cooldowns on him and I’ve got used to seeing it in times when he’s taking damage.  I was really bemused to see the tank getting hammered in The Arcway (that dgn hits hard) and never a single use of Vampiric Blood. I’m left scratching my head at why some tanks won’t use the tools they’ve been given.


I’ve come to a bit of a halt on Suramar city questlines though as the next set don’t open up until you’re 7000/21000 and Z is currently at about 3.5k into Revered. The Nightfallen world quests that you open up in Suramar give fairly good rep though so I’m making sure I do them as often as I see them come up, I really want to see the rest of the stories that are in the zone.

One of the best things with progressing the storyline is how your base in Meredil slowly changes with more NPCS and they bring different furniture and knicknacks with them. The place is getting more and more crowded each time I’m there.  There’s a bank and mailbox down there now making it actually more usable than my class hall.

Tonight my guild is doing our first new raid which I am so excited about!




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