Blog Challenge – Saddest Quests

Another shared topic with Cinder and I. You can find Cinder’s post here.

Where do you even begin with this topic though?  The whole time I was levelling there was sad quest after sad quest. It felt like an extended episode of Game of Thrones, the way characters I was attached to were being killed off.  And that’s not even including the Broken Isles scenario. I knew about Varian’s loss when I started the scenario but I had no idea we’d lose Tirion and Vol’jin along the way. That should have been an indicator that this was going to be an expac of pure emotions.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that Cinder and I are probably going to have some of same choices for this topic, mostly because while levelling we were talking about the quests that were making us cry.  Sometimes the conversations would be delayed a couple of days while we waited for the other to get to that particular one so we could exclaim to each other about it.

This post does contain spoilers of quests in various zones. Hopefully it doesn’t spoil anyone’s questing experience if you aren’t up to this quest yet.



The first one I came across is  Ysera’s story. You start out working with her in Val’sharah but along the way she gets corrupted by Xavius. I’ll just add in that her model looks absolutely gorgeous when corrupted.


For the final quest in this chain you need to pacify her as she is attacking the Temple of Elune. The whole time I was doing this quest on Z I was sure that I’d get her health down  and then she’d be cured or captured. But no :(.  This was a huge shock, I really didn’t think that we’d have to kill her.


The scene at the end though is gorgeous where she turns into a body of stars. And.. I didn’t get a screenshot of it, not even on my hunter alt that I took through specifically to get photos of this quest /sigh. That will have to wait until I take another alt through.

Warbrave Oro

As part of the quests to unify the tribes in Highmountain, one of the quest lines introduces you to Warbrave Oro and you work with him in a few small quest chains. The final one leads you and Oro to confront Dargrul and his Drogbar in Bitestone Enclave.

Unfortunately Oro and the rest of the Highmountain Tauren get impaled on stone spikes.



I really wasn’t expecting this to happen, and was pretty unimpressed. It really doesn’t take me too long to get attached to NPCs and after helping Oro a few times, this was a particularly sad ending to his story.


This is probably the quest that hit me harddest. I actually had a friend who knows me really well, whisper me when she saw me  in Stormheim to tell me not to get too attached to the wild moonkins. I have to say, her advice didn’t help in the slightest. I’d say it took me exactly 2 seconds to fall in love with the Ravenbears.


You follow the Frightened Ravenbear back to his cave to meet his Chief. sad-quests-cukkaw-2

And then you run around and take care of a few of the dragons that are terrorising them as well as gathering up feathers and antlers for a ritual. Once you’ve brought it all back, you go and join in and dance with them. I was grinning like an absolute idiot the whole time I was dancing with them. Which made what come next even worse. cukkawsad-quests-cukkaw-3


I took a lot of delight in killing Nithogg, as pure and utter revenge for Cukkaw and the rest of the Ravenbears, once he went live as a world boss.nithogg-revenge

There were so many more quests that I came across that were just so sad but most of them I didn’t screenshot as I didn’t realise just how much they would make me feel until the end of the chain. Suramar especially is an absolute hotspot for heart wrenching quests. At one particular point it felt like every Nightborne NPC I was helping was getting killed off around me.

The story telling in this expansion is absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait for each patch to come out to advance the story, though I hope there are some happier endings ahead of us.



9 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Saddest Quests

  1. I love that we both said very similar things about the expansion as a whole. I didn’t know about the Highmountain one as I haven’t done that zone yet (though obviously knew because of the dungeon). This is so much fun!! ❤

    • This is fun 🙂 I really like seeing our different takes on the same thing.
      Ooh I didn’t know you havent done Highmountain, I’m sorry for the spoiler 😦

      I am head over heals in love with this expac and the stories in it!

  2. Mr. Phae was amused by the sniffles coming from my computer during Ysera’s ascension to the stars.

    I don’t know if Blizzard just had a glut of extra writers on hand when they canceled the Titan project or what, but they really stepped up their game this time around. So far, I’ve only played my Druid, and it does feel a bit like our class was singled out for monumental losses (Ysera, Malorne). It does serve to make me angrier than ever at the Legion, which is great storytelling.

    • The stories are just phenomenally well done so far. You’re right about the druids taking a big hit. I’m levelling my hunter at the moment and the quests have an impact but not as much as when I’m on druid. Partly because it’s the 2nd playthrough but mostly because Z really identifies with the characters and takes te losses a lot more personally than my hunter,

  3. Mother Moon taking Ysera into her arms was up there for top storytelling moments in this game, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, there’s a horrible finality there for a character that’s been an ally since Cata, but it was done in such a loving way that I really can’t gripe that much about it.

    (The other contender for best moment in that regard is Velen’s sacrifice in SMV. But it was spare Velen #1. Sooo …. ummmm …)

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