Finishing off Emerald Nightmare normal and Mythic Dungeons

We popped back into Emerald Dream on Sunday and finished off the last two bosses on normal.

I have to admit I didn’t get around to looking at the Cenarius fight before hand so I went in completely blind. It ended up being a little messy and I died towards the end.



But seeing the Emerald Dream all green again is gorgeous. After Cenarius, you can pet battle a dream whelpling, which was awesome. There should be more pet battles in raids.



The Xavius fight was really interesting with the mechanic that pulled random players into a dream state.


Actually seeing Xavius, rather than just his shade made me think that he’s been using an old image of himself to project around the place. A bit like people that use profile pictures of themselves from years ago and where they no longer look anything like that. Because quite frankly, he’s a little worse for wear in the flesh.. so to speak.


Photo kindly borrowed from Blizzplanet


I’ve been running a few mythic plus with Allucia, Twice, Hip and Klor. We started with a mythic Eye of Azshara for to get a keystone each of us and then worked our way though a few of the different dgns we collected keystones for.




After working our way through the 2’s we tried a DHT 5 as one of our keystones had upgraded to that. We were quite a long way out of the timer after some dodgy trash pulls at the start but as it was our best run of the week, it still counted for the chest that comes in your order hall at the end of the week and I picked up a pair of 865 shoulders this morning after reset which was a nice surprise.

I love the idea of mythic plus’s because I’ve found that standard mythics don’t really hit much harder than what heroics used to now we’re all starting to be geared up, so the scaling difficulty should keep the dgns a lot more current than we’ve seen in the past.


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