Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Favourite Legion Dungeon

It’s another shared topic with Cinder, who is being absolutely lovely and agreed to doing the topic I really wante to write about, rather  than the topic that was up next and which she had already written a post for. Thank you and /hugs Cinder 🙂

I can’t think of a single dgn I don’t actually like in Legion, and while I really enjoy bits and pieces of each dgn the one I love the most is Darkheart Thicket. I really don’t think it would be a surprise, given it’s the most druid themed dungeon and it’s an absolutely gorgeous dungeon to be in. But it’s a dgn where the trash hits 100% harder than the actual bosses themselves. The pulls down the pathways to the first boss are an utter pain, especially if extra mobs get pulled into fights but once through, the dgn gets much easier and quicker.

It’s really funny but when I started this post I realised as much as I love the dgn, it’s actually all based on just one fight in the dgn that makes this my favourite. What makes this dgn so special and why it’s completely my favourite dgn is the first boss, Archdruid Glaidalis. He is a druid, who was apparently one of the most talented shapeshifters (thanks Wowhead) that existed but he went and got himself corrupted.  What I absolutely love about this fight, is he spends the whole fight talking directly to me.

He begins by noticing that he senses a powerful druid (ooh /flex) among the group, makes comment on what I’m holding and that I have great restorative powers! and then in true boss fashion he threatens to kill me and all the group in the most painful manner he can think of.


fav-dgn-4  fav-dgn

The ending to the fight is sad though as he comes back to his senses but too late.


I’ve only ever run this dungeon as a druid healer  so I would absolutely love to know what he says if there’s not a druid in the group. My rather unuseful guildies either run the dgn with me or claim they can’t remember what he says in other runs. So please put a comment below if you know because otherwise it’s going to have to wait until I take an alt through and it’s really making me so curious to know what he says.

Oakheart the second boss, doesn’t really do anything remarkable and reminds me a great deal of the fight in Everbloom in Warlords.  I like the 3rd boss Dresaron, but mostly because of the little whelps that spawn from the eggs around him. I’d really like their model to be in the game for capturing.  Dresaron can be a bit of a messy fight if people don’t manage the direction they are pushed in when he does a big push-back. Touching the eggs around the side of him cause them to crack and a ton of whelps hatch. This is pretty much the only boss that really can cause a wipe in the dgn.

The last boss is fighting the Shade of Xavius and it’s a fairly easy fight. I usually spend more of this fight dpsing the boss than actually having to heal. I’ve found that’s the same no matter what difficulty we’re in there on, so it’s a nice fight to end the dgn on.


And of course finishing it gives plenty of time for selfies with Malfurion.. who doesn’t make comment on what a great druid I am.


What’s your favourite dgn or fight?



3 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Favourite Legion Dungeon

  1. Alas, I don’t know what he says if there’s not a druid in the group, either, because I’ve only ever run it with BTH. I did notice him commenting on BTH’s Artifact weapon, though — the first two things he says are the same, but the third is something along the lines of “you fight with the power of Ursoc himself!” — and I wondered what he says about the other Druid Artifacts XD

    • Oh that is awesome, I’m guessing there will be different text for each class. I do want to see what he says if there is no druid though.

      Actually, what I really want to do is stack the dgn group with 1 of each spec of druid and see what he says. I wonder if we’ll confuse him. I need to find more druids to run that dgn with.

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