First alt to 110

I chose my hunter as my first alt to get to 110 solely because she is also my alchemist and I really wanted access to making my own flasks/pots whenever I wanted.

Levelling her was probably easier than levelling Z as she was pure dps and could put all her points into her bow as I was levelling. She’s marksmanship so she can have Alleria’s weapon and because I didn’t really like the sound of what Beastmastery is now, with the emphasis more on controlling pets. Though I will get her the BM weapon and try it out.

I swapped a lot between having a pet or running solo. Without the pet, her dps is definitely higher but with the pet, I didn’t have mobs hitting me in the face as my pet would hold their attention. And I really love having a pet to come around the world with me as a companion. 110-hunter-1

I didn’t enjoy levelling in Highmountain with her though. On Z it was fine, if I got stumped on  how to make my way down a mountain or I wanted the fast way, then I would just throw her off the cliff and displacer beast at the last moment to land safely (well, most of the time it was safely) on the ground. I found disengage wasn’t as reliable for shortcutting and I’d still take fall damage and usually die.

The only time I truly got cross levelling her was when I had to go into Neltharian’s lair for an alchemy quest and had been in a dgn queue for 40mins (wow.. I am so spoilt with healer queue timers). I was levelling in Stormheim and I died in a place where you can only grapple hook up to get your body.. and apparently grapple hook doesn’t work when dead. So I took rez sickeness and not 2 seconds later my dgn popped. I didn’t want to go into a dgn with a 10min rez sickness debuff so cancelled  and logged off her in disgust.


Next alt to 110 will most likely be my priest. She’s my enchanter and is already making Z a lot of gold selling basic enchants on the auction house. She’s a holy/shadow priest and the healing alt I’d probably like to take into the alt raids that we’re talking about having. Though given how ridiculously easy it is to do good dps on my hunter without really trying, it might be nice to have a role change in the alt runs and stick with her. Maybe I’ll get them both alt raid ready.

I really want the Feat of Strength for completing all the class order hall campaigns so there’s 10 more alts to get to 110. I’ll probably get them to 110 and then start the quest lines rather than do it as I’m levelling.


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