Random Tuesday Mutterings

Daylight Savings has started here which means wow restart is now at 11pm, which is a pain because it’s a bit too late to come back on after the restart but still too early to want to get off wow and go to bed. So it’s a good time to have a random blog post of what I’ve been up to during this week.

We ran DHT on mythic 5 and made the timer which was really exciting. I’ll be looking forward to my cache tomorrow morning. I nearly cried (actually there may have been screaming on mumble) because I totally forgot I had my loot spec set to Feral and an 850 trinket dropped.. with Agi all over it when Z still has a blue 825 trinket on her resto spec. Most frustrating


After reading about the critter army that comes along with having Mylune as a companion, I’ve had her tag along with me out in the world for a bit. I do think it’s really cute the critter minions I get, but she can take the spider and snake away any time soon, thanks.undersea-critter-army

I made Revered with all the Broken Isle factions, now to work on Exalted.broken-isle-diplomat

Nomi was feeling generous. I got a ton of different strength haste foods and of course his mandatory burnt food.nomi-being-generous

I finally cleared all the bosses in withered training except for the one behind the room that needs 2 berserkers. It really makes a difference being able to start with 20 withered minions after capping out my mana carried amount to 2000.withered-training-2

I swapped out displacer beast for wild charge on my guardian spec, which gave an extra stun for Dro, though hitting him with 20+ minions meant he really didn’t stay alive long enough to do too much damage to them.


I also started levelling my priest, she’s currently sitting at 103. Klor has started making noises about an alt raid so I have to hurry up and choose if I want to be a hunter or a holy priest. I’m leaning towards holy, so I’ll probably put some time in over the weekend on her.

Wednesdays bring a whole new wow week, with lots of playing to be done. Can’t wait 🙂


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