Dungeon Roulette

After raid last night, a few of us grouped up and headed down to do some questing in Suramar together. Since there were 5 of us, it seemed like a great time to try out a new game Klor and I have been talking about for a few days. We named it dungeon roulette and basically consists of everyone queuing with every spec they have available to them ticked and then doing the dgn based on what spec gets assigned by the dgn finder.

We decided to share the spec swapping around and /roll after each boss for the specs we all had available and the highest number meant that person did that role until swapping time. We had me with all 3 roles, Aglea who could dps or heal, Hip could tank or dps, Allucia came on his monk with technically all 3 roles but he didn’t have a healing weapon so was sticking with dps/tank, and Klor was going to swap between melee huntering and ranged based on his roll.

I rolled up tank first which was quite ok by me as I’ve wanted to try guardian in a dgn, until we got in and saw we had Dark Heart Thicket.


That trash corridor down to the first boss is a pain even with a good tank, let alone a noob tank who was already too excited about the game we were playing to be focusing properly. Added on top of that, there was a world quest in there to go and kill 9 bears, so extra fun and games.


It went probably better than expected but omg it was messy lol. I forgot I could charge in and stun mobs and I was doing my withered training inspired ranged pulling with moonfire. Poor Allucia got hammered a bit on multiple mobs because I was really bad at holding aggro. I know I have abilities to grab multiple mobs but rather obviously they weren’t the ones I was using. There might have been some rookie wipes by all of us taking turns wandering into extra packs and being overwhelmed.   dgn-roulette-5

In true DHT fashion, the first boss was a  million percent easier than the trash and I got to see him talk about my power of Ursoc rather than restorative powers. He died relatively quickly and it was time to /roll for the next boss. Hip got warrior tanking,  I got healing, which made both me and Ag happy as he wanted to get back to dps and healing is way more familiar so I actually knew what abilities I was using. Allucia stayed as windwalker and Klor rolled up ranged which meant his dps skyrocketed again as he was back in his main spec and the next corridor down to the tree boss was super quick.


I rolled up dps for the last two bosses which was super fun. I’m really loving being a kitty but my dps doesn’t reflect my ilvl at all, I’m sitting about 848 and doing way way less dps than I should be. Two of my biggest problems are letting my dots and buffs fall off. I chose Savage Roar as a talent which buffs my dps , but it competes with my strong dot/bleed Rip because both need combo points as their resource. I don’t manage the allocation of points well and often get into a situation where I need to refresh both roar and rip at the same time, which means tons of down time as I build up points again to put the 2nd one on. But that’s all outweighed by just how much fun it is to be a cat, zipping around and swiping at mobs.





It was an super fun dgn and the 5 of us were in hysterics most of the time at both our own antics and watching everyone else’s mistakes, especially the ones of us that were in really unfamiliar specs. About half way through Klor realised he had been using a survival ability wrong and all of a sudden his melee damage was back up so it actually had some benefits other than just a fun game between friends. Hopefully we can convince everyone to come along on another dgn roulette again!


8 thoughts on “Dungeon Roulette

  1. That sounds like loads of fun! Well done to you for tanking, too. You’re such a good little druid swapping between all your forms like that. I’m really impressed!

    • It was so much fun 🙂 I love that our guildies are happy to do things together out of raids. The start of the expansion has seen us band together a lot which is awesome.
      Hehe, I don’t think I’d say good druid.. more enthusiastic druid :). I love tanking on my warrior and dk and it’s funny that I’ve never thought to try it on Z. I’ll add it to the list of things to learn!

  2. That sounds awesome. Those are the kind of fun things I miss out on now that I mostly play solo. It’s really one of the best feelings, having a group of friends that you can bounce around with like that. 🙂

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