Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Professions. A fun adventure or grind from the depths of hell?

It’s another shared post from me and Cinder but this week’s post topic was suggested by Elgaric (who has a new podcast coming out soon – Azeroth or Bust). Thanks Elgaric! Cinder’s post is over here.. and I will be really interested in seeing her opinion on this one because a word of warning.. this might be a bit of a negative nancy post of mine.

Let’s start by asking one simple question.

Is this the richest NPC in the Broken Isles at this point in time?


Here’s my hunter handing over the equivalent of 40,000g (on my server at the time of quest completion – yours might be higher or lower). Times that by the sheer number of alchemists giving him gold and I think Deucus Valdera has a pretty sweet little gig going on at the moment.

Professions – the good, the bad and the sheer ugly.

The current way professions are being done are pretty interesting and entertaining in one way and in another way are quite frankly the biggest pain in the butt Blizzard could surely think of to inflict on us in the history of the entire game as we know it, in another.. too far?

I like professions generally, though outside of the consumable making ones – JC, Alch and Enchants I don’t really ever get much use out of them. I levelled all the professions though just in case I need something and because I prefer to make things for myself than buy them of the AH or bother guildies and the achievements that come along with having all the professions.

So far in Legion I’ve got 4 toons on various stages of levelling professions.

  • Z – Herbing and Inscription
  • Elkina – Herbing and Alchemy
  • Eleara – Mining and Jewelcrafting
  • Talarial – Enchanting and Tailoring

Before Warlords went live, Z was a JC and Scribe, Elk was Blacksmithing and Alchemist and Ele was Mining and JC, but  Cinder told me that I’d have a much more enjoyable and easy time with professions if I actually had the associated gathering and production professions on the one toon so all of them underwent changes and went into Legion set up to support themselves.

The Good

The interesting part of levelling your professions is that each stage pretty much comes along with an associated quest and this is really great. It helps make each profession feel unique, apart from having them all start in Azsuna that is. The inscription quests sent Z to hunt down npcs in parts of the world she hadn’t seen in a while and it was really well done.

I absolutely adored the alchemy quests which actually created changes to the alchemy station in Dalaran as I went along. Which gave a great sense of progress and it was awesome getting to decorate the lab.

The Bad

The annoying part is that advancing your professions is locked behind questing AND level AND Ilvl. And this is where I have the biggest freaking bug bear with the whole profession thing.. the triple gating.

Questing – I actually really like this part of the gating and don’t have a problem with it at all.

Level –  Some of the profession quests (Alchemy I’m looking at  you here especially) require you to pick up bits and pieces from various heroic dgns. All fine and dandy except you can’t get into heroics until you’re 110.  I quite like the fetch and carry bit and being a person who dips my feet into all the content in wow, having to go into a dgn didn’t really worry me, but why the hell do I have to do it on heroic?

90% of my professions are there to support Z, the other 9% is to support my completionist  tendencies (read: ticking off profession achs) and maybe 1% is there to make things for other reasons – mounts, pets, old world patterns for transmog. But basically the bulk is to support Z with the maximum amount of  self-sufficiency and the gating method makes that really difficult  without relatively signficant amounts of time put into alts.  I know I’m going to level the alts eventually but under the current model, that levelling now becomes a priority, competing with time that should be on Z.


That heroic dgn I mentioned above.. to queue for them you need an ilvl of at least 810, not  a massive stretch but on a toon that I might just want to be able to sit in Orgrimmar and make Z her mana pots, or int flasks (Druid has a drinking problem), putting in the time to get the ilvls up to 810 over 3 different (4 including Z herself) toons,  is  a significant investment of time, that quite frankly should be better spent on Z gathering more AP and using the Int flasks that are being made for her.

Why can’t the professions be done in normal dgns? You’re still going to appreciate the hard work that the game designers did putting into the dgns and the story because quite frankly that’s the only reason  you’re sent into there. Currently it feels like a case of we made this content now GET OUT THERE and appreciate it, damn you. Putting the requirements into normal content removes 2 of the gating issues instantly but still ensures people are out there doing content. Normal dgns can be done at any level between 100 and 110 – so voila no more need for max level and no more need for 810.

So quite frankly, my personal opinion is that putting the professions behind 3 levels of gating is a little/lot excessive and a complete and utter backflip from the too-easy way it was to level your professions of the past few expansions. Nothing like all or nothing hey?

The Ugly


Oh RNG Gods where are you with my rank 3 Starlight Rose herbing efficiency? Z has literally farmed hundreds of Starlight Rose and is yet to see rank 3 drop. Given that Starlight Rose is in high demand for all her mana pots and mana flasks.. having the gating issue here as well is starting to frustrate a little.

I might be in the minority, but I’m not impressed with the current profession model at all outside of the nice addition of questing to make the different professions feel unique again.

7 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Professions. A fun adventure or grind from the depths of hell?

  1. I think the Mad Merchant (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=108468/the-mad-merchant) might still have one over that alchemy NPC… but not far off!!
    You make some really great point. I guess for me I’ve given up any chance of my alts being able to support my main. Instead, between me and Thor, we have most of the professions covered (though I’m still working on the Enchanting)
    I’m really split about the whole thing. But I think with some small tweaks, it could all be pretty awesome… maybe?

    • I will not give up hope though it’s going to take a while longer than I thought for my girls to funnel Z her supplies.
      It really is quite awesome now, just not so much if you want alts to be able to easily access useful things for professions but then again I’m only talking from experience of herb/inscp/alch as the other ones I’ve started are still really low.
      Klor was saying in the Q&A which I haven’t watched yet, some mention of prof was made and he feels the current model is helping return to the roots of a mmo and you’re needed to return to a reliance on other players. Not sure how I feel about that and it comes back to my personal mindset of wanting to be self-sufficient in professions 🙂

  2. No mention of Nomi?
    With one bitter spit on the ground, I began thinking that the completionist in me might be very content to simply wait until we have flying. I’ve dropped all thought of crafting gear with cloth, leather, mail or plate — but I’m still interested in consumables for the exact reason you describe; good use in raids and dungeons.

    • Nomi got fed enough haste and mastery food materials to give me enough recipies and then he’s been left mostly alone. I’m not about to waste crafting mats that I need to make food on RNG and burnt offereings at this point in time. I’ll come back to him later.

  3. I’ve mostly enjoyed the LW quests — though I’ll admit I haven’t finished them yet, due to having to go fairly far into Suramar City proper for the one I currently have in my log, and to not wanting to do that until the quest chain takes me there, and to being a slowpoke about doing the Suramar quest chain 😛

    I’m kind of the opposite of Coffe Cakes & Crits. I care about crafted gear for the appearances, not for the stats, so I only have to craft the items once and I don’t care if I have to do it with tons of mats because I only have the Rank 1 pattern. I haven’t been doing much dungeon running or any LFR. Thus, I’ve decided not to worry too much about professions that don’t make stuff I can Mog with, and to not worry too much about getting higher than Rank 1 patterns for those professions. My Hunter-Engineer does want to be able to make the doohickey that will let her tame Mechanical pets, though. She’s got her eye on that yellow and blue and purple mechanostrider in Gnomeregan.

    • Apart from the ones above, I haven’t started on any of the other professions, though I am looking forward to seeing them. I want to be able to make the LW spirit moose one of these days so I will need to make a start.

      I bought my hunter the mechanical taming scroll the other day as I knew my engineer will be one of the last toons to be levelled, but I haven’t got my hunter out and about hunting mech pets yet. I really want her to have a mechanical bunny and there are 2 robo-dog models that are rare in Val’S (I think) she definitely wants a robo-dog as a companion.

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